Advisors for Graduate Programs

Embarking on the journey of pursuing a master's degree or a graduate certificate program is an exciting step towards advancing your career and achieving your academic goals. Whether you're seeking to specialize in a particular field, enhance your skills, or explore new opportunities, the decision to pursue further education is a significant one.

Your program advisor will assist you in understanding the curriculum, course requirements, and academic policies specific to your program of interest. They can help you explore various specialization options, discuss potential career paths, and provide insight into the industry landscape. 

In addition to being a resource for academic matters, your advisor can also connect you with other support services available to graduate students, such as career counseling, academic tutoring, and mental health resources. They are committed to your success and are here to help you overcome any challenges you may encounter along the way.

Applied Biotechnology

Ilirian Dhimitruka headshot

Ilirian Dhimitruka, Ph.D. | 262-595-3261

Biological Sciences

jessica orlofske headshot

Jessica Orlofske, Ph.D. | 262-595-2547


Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Robtrice Brawner

Robtrice Brawner, Ph.D., LCPC (MD)

Computer and Information Systems

Viji Ramasamy headshot

Viji Ramasamy, Ph.D. 



Kamil Samara headshot

Kamil Samara, Ph.D.

 Healthcare Administration

Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis, Ph.D.  | 262-595-2330 

 Health and Wellness Management

Jose Palao headshots

Jose Palao, Ph.D.  | 262-595-2766 


Professional Communication

Jackie Arcy headshot

Jacquelyn Arcy, Ph.D.  

Sport Management

Kim Armstrong

Kim Armstrong | 262-595-2059


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