Disc Golf

At Parkside, we work hard while still knowing how to relax and unwind. Having two world-class disc golf courses on campus makes that a blast! This fun, free sport involves walking the course with friends and strategically throwing a disc – or Frisbee – into a series of metal baskets while tallying up the score.

Our courses were designed by a professional disc golf association Hall of Famer, so you know they’re top notch. We have the 18-hole West Course and a 21-hole East Course. All you need are your own discs and a sense of adventure and fair play to enjoy this challenging game. While most people play for fun and recreation, our courses do draw players from throughout the U.S., especially when it’s time for the annual Prairie Open tournament that attracts 200 players from the upper Midwest.

Get out and enjoy our beautiful 700-acre campus with some purposeful play and see what disc golf is all about!

I'm new to the sport of disc golf. I actually just recently started playing about two summers ago. And I keep kicking myself in the leg for it, because I've been a student here for four years. It's an absolutely phenomenal sport. It takes a lot of the same qualities as traditional golf. You don't have to be that great at it. And I feel like it's a very social sport. And I find it almost as an excuse just to go outside and romp through the woods. We actually have something called the Prairie Open. And it actually draws professionals, amateurs from pretty much the whole Midwest. Nearly 200 people, I believe, come to this Prairie Open. The course is located pretty much in the center of campus. We actually have 700 acres of campus. For a new student coming to Parkside, I would say take advantage of the disc golf course as soon as you can. I made the mistake of waiting about two years to take advantage of it. So I would tell you to go out and get a disc, and go out and start playing with your friends, because it's an absolutely great time.

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