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Get more out of your job or internship by earning credit towards graduation. 

Here's how.

UWP 294
Work-Based Learning

Whether you work in retail, food service, a warehouse, or an office, this course works for you.

Earn credit for ANY job, not just internships.

Work either on or off campus.

Earn Gen Ed (social and behavioral science) credit needed for graduation. (3 credits)

Focus on professional development and career planning.

Get guidance from a UW-Parkside instructor who will support you through your work experience.

UWP 494

Earn 400-level credit needed for graduation (1-3 credits).

Intern either on or off campus.

Works for any internship, especially if it’s outside your major/subject area.

Get guidance from a UW-Parkside instructor who will support you through your internship experience.

Internship in Your Department 

Earn credit towards your major. 

Requirements and credit amounts vary by department. 

Great for an internship within your subject area or career track. 

Get guidance from a UW-Parkside instructor who will support you through your internship experience.

Not sure which course is the best fit for you? 

Find out which one is best!


Not only will those credits count towards your graduation requirements, but you will have the opportunity to get more out of the job or internship by engaging in learning activities, reflection, and individual and group discussions. You can apply this learning both to the job you currently have and to your future career!  

UWP 294 counts as 3 general education credits (Social and Behavioral Science), and every UW-Parkside student must earn at least 36 gen ed credits in order to graduate.  

UWP 494 counts as 1-3 credits, and every UW-Parkside student must earn 36 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. 

Taking an internship for credit in your department will earn you credits towards your major. Talk with your advisor or a professor in your department for more information about internship requirements in your subject area. 

Pretty much anything you can think of! Whether you work on campus as a student employee, or you work off campus at a restaurant, retail store, or any other business, that job will qualify you to take UWP 294.

When you are offered the position, the role must be classified as an internship by your employer. For example, “Marketing Intern” with ABC Company would qualify for UWP 494. “Marketing Assistant” with ABC Company might not, since it’s not specifically described as an internship. 

The internship doesn’t have to be directly related to your major or subject area, but should meet UW-Parkside’s general requirements for an internship, which can be found here

Requirements vary by department, but in general the internship should be related to your area of study. For more information, talk to your advisor or a professor in your department to see if the internship you’re considering will meet the requirements. 

The purpose of UWP 494 is primarily to offer a credit-earning opportunity to students whose departments don’t offer internship courses, or if the student’s internship won’t meet the requirements for internship credit within their own department. We encourage students to take their internship for credit within their own department if the option is available. Talk with your advisor or a professor in the department to determine if your internship meets the requirement for internship credit within your major.

How to schedule an appointment on Navigate

Talk to your advisor: Advisor Directory

Talk to a professor in your department: Academic Departments

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You would be eligible for either UWP 292 or UWP 494. Determine which type of credit you want to earn (see FAQ #2) and make the best choice for you.

You’ll need to wait to enroll in the course until you have confirmation of employment in either a job or internship. Once you are offered and have accepted the job or internship, complete this form and send it to the course instructor for approval. If you need help completing the form, please contact Kaila Bingen at

The majority of your time is spent engaged in the work experience, whether a job for UWP 294 or an internship for UWP 494. Typically for these courses, the full group meets once per week or once every other week on a set day and time for about one hour. You will also set up one-on-one meetings with the instructor on a regular basis.

The credit hours are based on how many hours you are committing to the internship over the course of the semester. Based on how many hours per week you anticipate working, multiply that number by 14 (number of weeks in a semester). The course instructor will have final approval of total credit hours for the course. 

General estimates: 
40 hours = 1 credit 
80 hours = 2 credits 
120 hours = 3 credits



Experiential Education Specialist:

Kaila Bingen  |  262-595-2113  |

For help with: Internships, Campus Employment & Experiential Learning Opportunities


Adult Student Program Manager:

Dana Roders |  262-595-2184  |

For help with: Credit for Prior Learning, Credit for a Past Job & Degree Completion

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