University Staff Temporary - Facilities Maintenance Specialist-Advanced (2 positions)

University Staff Temporary - Facilities Maintenance Specialist-Advanced (2 positions)

Code: 76102 Posted: 05/31/2016

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside currently has vacancies for 2 Facilities Maintenance Specialist – Advanced positions in the Facilities Management Department. This position is a university staff temporary. This position is part time 29 hours a week.


This position is integral part to the operation of facilities maintenance, performing an advanced level mechanical maintenance and repair work to meet the campus mission of providing a safe environment for students and staff.

Employees in this class operate, maintain and make repairs on electrical, plumbing, heating and refrigeration, air conditioning and other mechanical systems and apparatus commonly used in office and institutional buildings and building complexes. In addition, employees perform preventive maintenance, make repairs and perform minor installations to HVAC equipment.

45% A: Accomplish maintenance, inspection and repair of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning and associated equipment.

A1. Perform necessary repairs to air handling drive systems, traps, strainers, valves, water pumps, heating and chilling coils, filters, belt, and pneumatic and electric control systems including upgrades, replacement and retrofits.
A2. Adjust and set pneumatic and DDC controls for proper operation of temperature, humidity and air flow.
A3. Perform minor electrical repairs to motors, switches, starters and piping.
A4. Set, calibrate and repair thermostats to maintain required temperatures.
A5. Identify and report on building systems malfunctions and deficiencies found during daily inspection rounds.
A6. Repair and rebuild steam and hot water heating systems components. Disassemble and reassemble using the new replacement parts, such as bearings, shafts, impellers, fans, pumps, valve seats and other parts used in heating systems.

30% B: Performance of miscellaneous mechanical, system repairs and other duties as directed by supervisor.

B1. Perform necessary plumbing repairs with emphasis on regular preventative maintenance.
B2. Check elevator systems and controls as required.  Monitor and report elevator operational status.
B3. Maintain repairs and operation of air compressors and associated equipment.
B4. Fabricate or repair metal parts, guards, rails and small metal structural projects.
B5. Perform maintenance of swimming pool and associated equipment. Conduct chemical analysis and treatment of swimming pool water and filters.  Maintain chemical supplies and logs.
B6. Perform chemical analysis and treatment to small boilers and chilled water systems.
B7. Perform housekeeping requirements to keep mechanical rooms and equipment in clean, orderly condition.
B8. Perform maintenance and repairs to Food Service equipment as required.
B9. Maintain shop and hand tools, keeping work areas neat and orderly, putting tools away and making repairs to tools as needed.
B10. Maintain records and reports as requested.
B11. Assist in ordering and maintaining inventory of tools and spare parts.
B12. Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

15% C: Perform inspection, cleaning and adjustment of equipment in conjunction with the preventative maintenance program.

C1. Perform preventative maintenance inspections (monthly, semi-annually, annually) on all mechanical equipment and distribution systems, air handling units, fan coil units, cabinet unit heaters, humidifiers, pumps, pressure reducing stations, pre-heat coils, air compressors and roof exhaust fans.
C2. Clean and/or replace air filters, air handling equipment, pneumatic controls and vari-drives.
C3. Check, adjust and/or replace drive belts.
C4. Grease and/or oil motor bearings and drive bearings.
C5. Check dampers, settings and linkage.
C6. Check strainers, traps, valves, couplings and controls.
C7. Check/clean air intake screens annually or as needed.
C8. Make out inspection and data forms and report pertinent items to supervisor's attention.
C9. Use computer log data and create new forms for record keeping.

10% D: Tool utilization and skills application.

D1. Apply knowledge and skills to select proper tools for efficient use. Select power tools necessary for efficient job performance.
D2. Possess skills necessary to perform proper arrangement for heating and cooling system devices.
D3. Perform necessary paperwork to accurately reflect tasks completed and parts used in the completion of assigned work orders.
D4. Possess knowledge and trouble shooting skills necessary to identify repair requirements, make repairs as needed and perform preventative maintenance. Use personal initiative without constant supervision.


  • Must possess or acquire and maintain a valid driver license within 3 months of hire.
  • Knowledge of the safe handling, use and storage of hand and power tools and equipment and large machinery as noted in the position description
  • Knowledge of chemical analysis of swimming pool testing and chemical application
  • Knowledge of HVAC, mechanical and system repairs

Marginal Job Functions:

  • This position is responsible for money, university funds, or accounts which hold financial information.

Ergonomic Requirements:

  • Frequent lifting of tools and parts often weighing 50 or more pounds
  • Using ropes and pulleys to hoist tools and parts to installation elevations
  • Squatting, bending, twisting, and walking
  • Balance and coordination
  • Manual dexterity and strength to operate hand tools, power tools and equipment
  • Crawling on, under and inside air handling ducts
  • Exposure to dust and dirt
  • Ability to perform duties involving heights, including on scaffolding and rooftops

Equipment to be used on the job:

(By each piece of equipment, "F" for frequent use, "O" for occasional use, or "R" for rare use.)

1. Tools: (power or manual tools)
F - wrench, socket, plier, hammer, drill, ladder, propane torch, tape measure.
O - sewer drain cleaner, sawzall, power saw, oxygen/acet torch, soldering iron, bench grinder.
R - micrometers

2. Large Machinery: (includes vehicles)
F - operate vehicles
O - portable generator, drill press, portable air comp
R - Pressure washer, lathe, electric welder, building scaffold, large sewer machine

3. Electrical Equipment: (i.e.: floor buffer, includes office equipment)
O - pipe threading machine, lathes, drill press, power shear

4. Chemicals: (includes cleaning supplies, lab chemicals, hazardous waste)
R - diatomaceous earth, PH plus, sodium bicarbonate, muriatic acid, sodium hypochlorite, drain cleaner 



  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Four or more years of work experience in the maintenance field
  • Experience working on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems


  • Experience working with DDC and pneumatic controls
  • Familiarity with HVAC and building codes
  • Technical degree or apprenticeship in HVAC technical trade 


Hourly pay of $16.50 based upon qualifications and experience.


A criminal background check will be required at the time of hire. 

UW-Parkside is an AA/EEO employer. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

It is the policy of UW-Parkside to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with disabilities. If you need assistance or accommodation in applying because of a disability, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 262-595-2204. Employment opportunities will not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations for a qualified individual's disability.

The University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except that the identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Wis. Stat. sec. 19.36(7).

In compliance with the Clery Act of 1998, the University of Wisconsin Parkside Crime Statistics Report is available at Call the UW-Parkside Campus Police Office at 262-595-2455 for a paper copy of the annual report.


The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a comprehensive campus of the University of Wisconsin System with approximately 4800 students, 120 faculty, and 70 instructional academic staff offering 33 undergraduate majors and 3 master's degrees in 22 academic departments. The campus is located between the cities of Kenosha and Racine in southeastern Wisconsin, within the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

The university is situated on 700 acres of prairie and woodland approximately two miles west of Lake Michigan. Consisting of 15 buildings, the coherence and unity of the original campus design within its natural landscape has been sustained over four decades of development. Recent additions include a renovated and expanded student center, a 250 bed suite-style residence hall, and a greatly expanded and renovated center for the arts and humanities.


All applications are to be submitted electronically through our employment portal: Use the Keyword "Parkside".

Click the "Apply Now" button. You must have an account and login before you can submit your application. If you have not registered, click on the "Click Here to Register" link to begin the registration process. If you are already a registered user, input you User Name and Password and select "Login."

Interested candidates should submit the following:

  • Resume

Your application will not be considered complete until all required documents are attached and all required fields are completed.

Positions posted until filled.

Contact Name: Jennifer Wagner

Contact Phone: 262-595-2576

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