Academic Staff Title Review Recommendation and Sign Off (DOCX)
Authorization for Direct Deposit (BP Logix) (URL)
Campus Presentation Evaluation Templet (DOCX)
Departure Form (BP Logix) (URL)
Employee Data Form (BP Logix) (URL)
Employee Payroll Change Form (BP Logix) (URL)
New Hire/Rehire Form (BP Logix) (URL)
PAR (Position Authorization Request) (BP Logix) (URL)
Performance Documentation Worksheet - ALL - SAMPLE (DOCX)
Performance Documentation Worksheet - Blank Form (DOCX)
Performance Evaluation - AS-IAS-U-Updated2-1-19 (DOCX)
Performance Evaluation - Managment Update 2-1-19 (DOCX)
Performance Evaluation - Smart Goals (DOCX)
Performance Evaluation Information 2021 (PDF)
Performance Evaluation Instructions for Completing 2019 (DOCX)
Performance Improvement Document (DOCX)
Person of Interest / Volunteer Form (BP Logix) (URL)
Person of Interest/Volunteer Letter – All but Minors (DOC)
Person of Interest/Volunteer Letter – Involving Minors (DOC)
Position Description Template (DOCX)
Reference Check Questions (DOC)
Rehired Annuitant Form (PDF)
Resume Evaluation Tool (XLS)
Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions Form (BP Logix) (URL)
Sexual Assault/Sexual Misconduct Report Form (URL)
Telecommuting Agreement - Instructions (PDF)
Tuition Reiumbursement (BP Logix) (URL)
UPS Pay Plan Distribution Procedures (PDF)
Worker's Compensation: Authorization to Use or Disclose Health Information Form (DOC)
Worker's Compensation: Claim Process Workflow Spreadsheet (XLSX)
Worker's Compensation: Employee's Work Injury & Illness Report Form (DOC)
Worker's Compensation: Supervisor Questions Form (DOCX)
Worker's Compensation: Supervisor's Accident Analysis and Prevention Report/Evaluation of Repetitive Motion and/or Materials Handling Activities Form (DOC)
Worker’s Compensation: Return to Work Form (XLSX)
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