RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs




For more information, please contact:

Amy Chostner
UW Parkside Benefits & Payroll

Phone: (262) 595-2537
Email: chostner@uwp.edu

Hollie Moore
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced

UW System (Service Center)
Phone: (608) 262-9497
Email: hollie.moore@uwss.wisconsin.edu


Ongoing employees may elect to have parking deductions taken on paychecks during school year through annual enrollment process. 

Your latest earnings statement is available at My UW System at least three days before your pay date (payments are not available until the actual pay date). Statements are kept online for the current year, plus three prior years. 

My UW System is available at http://my.wisconsin.edu and can be accessed at any time, from any computer that has an internet connection. To login, select "University of Wisconsin - Parkside" and then enter your UW-Parkside user ID and password. My UW System provides convenient online access to:

  • Earnings Statements
  • Annual Tax Statements
  • Annual ETF Statement of Benefits


UW-Parkside uses ACH (Automated Clearing House), or direct deposit, to pay employees. This service, which is mandatory, electronically deposits your pay to the financial institution and account of your choice and is available to you on payday. To enroll, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and send the completed form to Human Resources.

Students are not required to have federal work study earnings direct deposited; however, it is the most efficient, convenient, and secure way for you to receive your pay.

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