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University Staff Facilities Maintenance Specialist

Code: 13970 Posted: 01/29/2018

The Facilities Maintenance Specialist – Advanced position is dedicated to Housing & Residence Life. This position also provides support to the Student Center and Dining facilities. This is an advanced level mechanical, facilities and repair position that requires the employee to serve as a maintenance generalist. This is a first shift position with hours from 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. This is an essential personnel position and may be required to work when the University is closed; emergency maintenance response, occasional evening, night, weekend and holiday hours are required. Work on move-in weekend is required.

This position performs general interior and exterior maintenance and upkeep work primarily within the residence halls and apartment communities. This position functions as a lead maintenance worker for Housing & Residence Life. Employees in this classification operate, maintain, and make repairs on electrical, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and other mechanical systems and apparatus commonly used in office, institutional and residential buildings. General carpentry work is initiated and completed within the scope of this position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

25% A. Perform minor interior and exterior building maintenance.

  1. Respond to work orders and perform necessary repairs including, but not limited to: maintain and repair screens and windows; repair of appliances and equipment, shower units, toilets, and faucets; painting interior and exterior surfaces; maintain and repair furnishings and fixtures; and assistant with remodeling and improvement projects.
  2. Replace belts, bearings, and filters as needed; grease and oil bearings and motors.
  3. Understands and has the knowledge/skills to select and optimum job performance. Perform maintenance on equipment; clean and secure tools and equipment.
  4. Perform necessary pluming repairs with emphasis on regular preventative maintenance. Inspect, maintain, and repair wells, sumps, pumps water pressure, distribution, and disposal systems.
  5. Perform necessary tests and repairs to equipment including generators, fire detection/alarm systems, fire pump systems, water softening systems, chemical analysis and treatment to small boiler and chilled water systems.
  6. Maintain and replace electrical units such as motors, switches, and outlets.
  7. Maintain and replace communications wiring and components for internet access, wireless access, television cable, and telephone cable.
  8. Maintain repairs and operation of air compressors and associated equipment.
  9. Perform maintenance and repairs to doors, door closures, hinge systems, and manual and electronic lock systems.
  10. Inspect and maintain life safety systems.

25% B. Accomplish maintenance, inspection, and repair of low pressure boilers, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and associated control equipment.

  1. Perform necessary repairs to air handling drive systems, traps, strainers, valves, pumps, heating and chilling coils, filters, belts, pneumatic and electronic control systems including upgrades, replacements and retrofits.
  2. Adjust and set pneumatic and electronic controls for proper operation of temperature, humidity, and air flow.
  3. Perform minor electrical repairs to motors, switches, starters and piping.
  4. Set, calibrate and repair thermostats to maintain required temperatures.
  5. Identify and report on building system malfunctions and deficiencies found during daily inspection rounds.
  6. Repair and rebuild steam and hot water heating system components. Dissemble and reassemble using new replacement parts such as bearings, shafts, impellers, fans pumps, valve seats, and other parts used in heating systems.

10% C. Inspect and maintain the grounds immediately adjacent to the residential communities.

  1. Perform general maintenance activities such as operating and maintaining grounds equipment (i.e., snow blowers, weed wacker, high pressure water hose, etc.). This position has responsibility for snow and ice removal on the breezeways, landings, sidewalks and stairwells adjacent to the residential buildings; shoveling snow and use of snow blower is expected.

25% D. Facilitate the general maintenance program of the Housing & Residence Life program and provide support to the Student Center and the Food Service areas.

  1. Research maintenance and preventative maintenance issues and provide appropriate recommendations.
  2. Communicate with and coordinate work of outside contractors.
  3. Perform maintenance and repairs to Student Center and food service equipment as required.
  4. Maintain and process financial transaction documents as required by University policy and/or supervisor. Utilizes computer to maintain on-line records, prepares and processes University Procurement card transactions and other financial documents; obtains and processes repair/purchase cost estimates (quotes)/sales transactions, etc. Requisitions supplies and equipment for purchase.
  5. Prepare inspections documents, prepare and maintain appropriate records ensuring compliance with State, Federal, Local and University policies and protocols.
  6. Participate, as required, in the recruitment and selection process for hiring of full-time and student Housing & Residence Life staff members.
  7. Train, assist, and guide work of Housing & Residence Life staff members as needed.
  8. Participate, complete, and recommend appropriate University training sessions.
  9. Maintain availability to assist with student move-in
  10. Respond to emergency maintenance situations as needed, including evening, night, weekend, and holiday hours.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor and/or Director of Housing & Residence Life

15% E. Tool Utilization and skills application

  1. Understands and has the knowledge and skills to select and use proper hand and power tools in an efficient and effective manner for optimum job performance.
  2. Understands and possesses the knowledge and skills to perform proper design, arrangement and layout of heating and cooling systems devices and piping systems.
  3. Understands and possesses the knowledge and skills to perform necessary paperwork, computer work and on-line work to accurately reflect tasks completed and parts used in the completion of assigned work.
  4. Possesses knowledge and skills necessary to identify repair requirements, make repairs as needed and required and to perform preventative maintenance without constant supervision.

Standards of Performance

  • Overall thoroughness, organization, accuracy, and availability of appropriate tasks and responsibilities
  • Adequacy, timeliness, and accuracy of task completion
  • Timeliness of meeting goals.
  • Willingness to make suggestions and soundness of those suggestions.
  • Soundness of judgment and operational decisions.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work while being responsive to University personnel.
  • Timely and effective communication of problems and opportunities. This includes the responsibility for identifying and communicating information of importance as soon as possible.
  • Integrity in dealing with customers, students, vendors, employees, and management.
  • Punctuality, attendance, effective use of time, and willingness to work overtime when necessary.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Willingness to assist with special projects and other duties as assigned.

Essential Knowledge And Abilities

Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

  • Aptitude and inclination to recognize and work with mechanical, physical and spatial relationships and concepts.
  • Knowledge of the proper uses of and techniques for using common tools of building repair such as screwdrivers, hammers, saws, squares, rules, etc.
  • Willingness to accept direction and supervision, to do things in a prescribed manner.
  • Reliability, sense of responsibility and initiative to work productively for sustained periods without the presence of a supervisor.

Ergonomic Requirements:

  • Frequent Bending, carrying, pulling, and pushing.
  • Extensive walking around three residence hall and Apartment complexes.
  • Shoveling/pushing motion is necessary.
  • Extensive standing for long periods of time.
  • Climbing of ladders at least 10 feet high is required.
  • Stretching and Reaching required for higher work.
  • Frequent lifting- 50 pounds.

Equipment to be used on the job: (This category includes power or manual tools. Put an “F” by tools used frequently, an “O” by those used occasionally, or an “R” by those used rarely or infrequently.)

  1. Tools:
    Drill-F Hammer-F Circular Saw-O Table Saw-O
    Hammer Drill-O Router-O Screw Gun-O
  2. Larger Machinery:
    Snow Blowers-O Power Sprayers-O Carpet Cleaner-O
  3. Electrical Equipment: Power Tools-F
  4. Chemicals: Paint, Stain, Lubricants, Basic Cleaning Materials - O

Additional Information:

This position must be able to work productively for sustained periods without direct supervision. This position works directly in the student living areas. A person employed in this position is required to maintain or obtain all proper certifications, licenses, etc. required for the scope of this work.


Education, Experience, Training and/or Certifications


  • High School graduation or equivalent
  • Four years of experience in construction or general maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds, and mechanical maintenance. At least two years of complex maintenance in structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and other mechanical systems.
  • Currently possesses or obtain and maintain ASOPE Third Class Facility Operating Engineer License.
  • Ability to read, interpret and understand mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection blueprints both in paper and electronic formats. Sensitivity to, or experience in, working with a diverse, multicultural population. This position manages multiple priorities at once and must have the ability to perform work in the student living areas.


  • Two years of experiences in increasingly difficult repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds facilities in positions which required ongoing, continue use of the techniques and tools used in repairing and maintaining wooden structures and structural components. An equivalent combination of training experience may also be required.
  • EPA certified for refrigerant recovery, reclaiming, and recycling.

Salary and Benefits

Starting hourly rate of $16.55 depending on qualifications and experience. The University of Wisconsin System provides a liberal benefits package, including participation in a state pension plan.

Review of Applications

Applications received by Friday, February 12, 2018 are ensured full consideration.

Application Process


All applications are to be submitted electronically through our employment portal.

STEP 1: Please select the applicable link below:
External Applicants: (NOT currently employed by the University of Wisconsin System)
Internal Applicants: (Currently employed by the University of Wisconsin System)

STEP 2: Under "Basic Job Search" choose:
"Advanced Search", Job Opening ID: "13970"
Find Jobs Posted Within: "Anytime" click "Search"
Select "Facilities Maintenance Specialist Advanced", click "Apply Now"

You must login before you can apply. Input your "User Name" and "Password" and select "Login". If you have not yet registered, click "Register Now" to begin the registration process.

STEP 3: Submit application materials
Please be sure to complete all required fields and include all required documents before submitting your application. Once submitted, you will not be able to edit or attach any application materials. Files must be complete to be considered. Please include the following documents:

- Cover letter outlining qualifications for the position
- Resume
- Names and contact information for three references

You must select "SUBMIT". Selecting "Save" will not forward your application materials to the search committee.

Please be sure to complete all required fields and include all required documents before submitting your application. Once submitted, you will not be able to edit or attach any application materials.

In instances where the Review Committee is unable to ascertain from a candidates application materials whether she/he meets all of the required qualifications, or if all of the application materials are not submitted, they will be evaluated as not meeting such qualifications and may be excluded from further consideration.


A criminal background check will be required at the time of hire.

UW-Parkside is an AA/EEO employer. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

It is the policy of UW-Parkside to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with disabilities. If you need assistance or accommodation in applying because of a disability, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 262-595-2204. Employment opportunities will not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations for a qualified individual's disability.

In compliance with the Clery Act of 1998, the University of Wisconsin Parkside Crime Statistics Report is available at Call the UW-Parkside Campus Police Office at (262) 595-2455 for a paper copy of the annual report

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