University Staff Police Officer Public May Apply

University Staff Police Officer public may apply

Code: 14027 Posted: 02/09/2018

The University of Wisconsin Parkside is seeking qualified applicants for a Police Officer in our University Police Department.

This is an afternoon/night shift, full-time, non-exempt university staff position with expected continuous employment. Hours of work will primarily be afternoons and evenings, with flexibility to work 1st and 3rd shift schedules as needed. A probationary period will be required.



This position serves as a law enforcement officer at the University of Wisconsin Parkside and functions with full arrest powers under the general supervision of a Police Sergeant. The principal duties of a Police officer is to provide for the personal safety of all persons on campus and ensure a peaceful environment in which the academic pursuits of the University can be realized, prevent and detect criminal activity and to apprehend those involved in such activity. Many additional services are provided to students, faculty, staff and the community.


52% A. Patrol and Enforcement


1. Patrol assigned university buildings and grounds, residence halls and adjacent property via squad car and on foot.

2. Observe and detect violations of law and safety standards on campus and at residence halls.

3. Enforce state statutes, administrative code, campus and residence halls policies.

4. Maintain an accurate, detailed daily log of activities.

5. Report and investigate suspicious activities on campus and at residence halls.

6. Enforce parking and vehicle rules and regulations on campus and at residence halls.

7. Maintain orderly flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

8. Identify persons in buildings during the times buildings are closed.

9. Report security, repair and safety discrepancies on campus and at residence halls.

10. Respond to calls assigned and make necessary reports.

11. Read departmental correspondence on a daily basis.

12. Protect persons and property at the Parkside campus and at residence halls.

13. Render assistance to persons by providing information, direction and advice.

14. Report and assist in abating malfunctions of major utility equipment and/or floods, fires or natural disasters.

15. Search property and protect persons when bomb threats are received on campus and at residence halls.

16. Provide security and protection for special events on campus and at residence halls.

17. Provide money escorts and deliveries.

18. Assist other law enforcement agencies when requested.

19. Make deliveries to and from various campus offices.

20. Provide emergency first aid.

21. Write-up motor vehicle accident reports and fill out state forms when required.

22. Direct traffic and control crowds.

23. Maintain law and order on campus and at residence halls.

24. Locate and contain loose animals.

25. Inspect fire extinguishers.

26. Escort rescue and firefighting equipment entering campus and residence halls to assure they reach the proper location.

27. Provide surveillance of specific locations or areas when required.

28. Maintain proficiency with all department issue equipment and weapons.

29. Review equipment in squads to ensure that the proper equipment is always available.

30. Lock and unlock the buildings at appropriate times.


15% Provision of Services to Campus Community


1. Open doors for persons locked out of offices and vehicles.

2. Provide motorist assistance (flat tires, dead battery, out of gas, etc).

3. Search for lost children and pets.

4. Convey emergency messages.

5. Provide transportation when required for faculty, staff, students and visitors.

6. Assist the campus community and residence halls with crime prevention information and programs.


10% Investigation


1. Investigate complaints on campus and at residence halls.

2. Interview complainants and or witnesses.

3. Collect, secure and preserve evidence.

4. Transcribe notes into written and or verbal reports.

5. Make supplemental reports as required.

6. Interrogate suspects.

7. Fingerprint suspects.

8. Photograph evidence.

9. Issue citations and serve summons or warrants.

10. Conduct follow up investigation of offenses.

11. Secure a crime scene for investigation.

12. Keep current on all legal and law changes.


10% Specialized Assignments


1. Complete specialized assignments and tasks in specific areas of law enforcement or other departmental operational needs.

2. The Director of University Police and Public Safety will assign or reassign the specialized skills functions to individual officers on the basis of the needs of the department and the skills, training, talents or interest of the officer. Officers will be assigned at least one specialized function, but may be assigned additional areas at the discretion of the Director. Current areas of specialization are as follows:

1. Court liaison officer

2. Vehicle contacts and EVOC Instructor

3. Evidence custodian and technician

4. Bicycle/ATV patrol program

5. Equipment maintenance specialist

6. SART team member

7. Firearms Instructor

8. Taser Instructor


5% Apprehension of Violators


1. Arrest persons in violation of state statutes or administrative code.

2. Obtain warrants from prosecutors.

3. Serve warrants.

4. Give Miranda warnings when necessary.

5. Transport prisoners.

6. Provide court testimony when necessary.


5% Conducting Training Programs


1. Assist in training of all new employees.

2. Present training programs for department personnel on concepts learned while attending various specialized schools.

3. Assist officers in attaining proper proficiency in handling department equipment.

4. Assist officers in attaining physical agility by participating in departmental physical education workout sessions.

5. Conduct orientations sessions for perspective students and family.

6. Conduct educational training programs for students, staff, and visitors to campus.


3% Miscellaneous Functions


1. Perform radio desk functions.

2. Keep various records and files.

3. Attend departmental meetings and/or training sessions.

4. Maintain parking meter system.

5. Activate telephone/answer recorder and dial-forward line when there is no dispatcher on duty.

6. Represent the department as the court officer.

7. Maintain good physical fitness to ensure the ability to perform a variety of strenuous tasks.

8. In the absence of a duty supervisor, direct or cooperate with other officers as an assigned lead worker to accomplish the needed tasks in order to successfully resolve or remedy various situations and incidents.

9. Meet with various training sessions.

10. Attend various training sessions.

11. Independently assess situations/incidents and choose the most appropriate course of action.

12. Perform all other duties as assigned.





Ability to conduct responsibilities independently.

Thorough knowledge of police department policies, procedures, rules, laws, regulations and memoranda.

Consistent provision of superb customer service and professionalism, even in the face of adversity.

Exceptional oral and written communication skills.

Mental ability to work under varying degrees of stress while exercising authority or rendering services, including emergency services. This type of stressful environment may cause serious life problems.

Physical ability and strength to pursue, apprehend, move, restrain or maintain custody of a violator.

Physical ability to extricate and move an injured person.

Physical and mental ability to work under adverse conditions, including weather, with irate citizens, exposure to bodily harm (up to and including death), and exposure to environmental hazards such as fires, radiation and contamination from hazardous chemicals.

Ability to work irregular hours of duty, including all shifts, nights, weekends and holidays.

Mental and physical ability to perform tasks normally associated with public safety.


Equipment to be used on the job:


1. Tools: (power or manual tools)

Frequent Use - flashlight, keys

Occasional Use - handcuffs, flares, first aid kit, firearm

Rare Use - pepper spray, night stick, Taser


2. Large Machinery: (includes vehicles)

Frequent Use - vehicles

Rare Use - generator


3. Electrical Equipment:

Frequent Use - computers


4. Chemicals:

Pepper spray and window cleaner







  • U.S. citizen

  • Successfully completed a minimum of 60 college credits

  • Possess a valid driver license and good driving record

  • No felony or domestic abuse violence related convictions





  • 21 years of age

  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) certified, or certifiable upon appointment

  • Experience working within higher education agencies

  • Experience working effectively with a diverse, multicultural population




Minimum hourly pay of $24.00 per hour based upon qualifications and experience. This position will earn an additional $0.60 per hour for all weekend hours worked and an additional $0.45 per hour for all hours worked between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Hourly step increases occur on anniversary date each year with a maximum hourly pay of $32.00 per hour at the start of year 5. An additional $.50 per hour after 20 years of service.


The UW System provides a liberal benefits package, including participation in a state pension plan.

* Benefit Details:

* Total Compensation Estimator:





All applications are to be submitted electronically through our employment portal.


STEP 1: Please select the applicable link below:

External Applicants: (NOT currently employed by the University of Wisconsin System)

Internal Applicants: (Currently employed by the University of Wisconsin System)


STEP 2: Under "Basic Job Search" choose:

"Advanced Search", Job Opening ID: "14027"

Find Jobs Posted Within: "Anytime" click "Search"

Select "Police Officer", click "Apply Now"


You must login before you can apply. Input your "User Name" and "Password" and select "Login". If you have not yet registered, click "Register Now" to begin the registration process.


STEP 3: Submit application materials

Please be sure to complete all required fields and include all required documents before submitting your application. Once submitted, you will not be able to edit or attach any application materials. Files must be complete to be considered. Please include the following documents:


- Cover letter specifically addressing the required and preferred qualifications

- Resume

- Names and contact information for three references

- Transcripts (may be unofficial at time of application)


You must select "SUBMIT". Selecting "Save" will not forward your application materials to the search committee.




Complete online application by 11:59 pm on February 24, 2018.




The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a comprehensive campus of the University of Wisconsin System with approximately 4800 students, 120 faculty, and 70 instructional academic staff offering 33 undergraduate majors and 3 master's degrees in 22 academic departments. The campus is located between the cities of Kenosha and Racine in southeastern Wisconsin, within the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.


The university is situated on 700 acres of prairie and woodland approximately two miles west of Lake Michigan. Consisting of 15 buildings, the coherence and unity of the original campus design within its natural landscape has been sustained over four decades of development. Recent additions include a renovated and expanded student center, a 250 bed suite-style residence hall, and a greatly expanded and renovated center for the arts and humanities.




A criminal background check will be required at the time of hire.


UW-Parkside is an AA/EEO employer. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


It is the policy of UW-Parkside to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants with disabilities. If you need assistance or accommodation in applying because of a disability, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 262-595-2204. Employment opportunities will not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations for a qualified individual's disability.


The University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except that the identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Wis. Stat. sec. 19.36(7).


In compliance with the Clery Act of 1998, the University of Wisconsin Parkside Crime Statistics Report is available at Call the UW-Parkside Campus Police Office at (262) 595-2455 for a paper copy of the annual report.


Contact Name: Alysse Hargrove

Contact Phone: 262-595-2455

Contact Email:

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