Faculty and Staff Fall 2021 Convocation Awards

Published: September 1, 2021

UW-Parkside is proud to present our Fall 2021 faculty and staff convocation award winners:

*Note: You can find last year's award winners here.

Academic Staff Distinguished Service AwardGia Gutierrez

Gia Gutierrez | Outreach & Program Manager, College of Social Sciences & Professional Studies

Gia Gutierrez is the Outreach & Program Manager for the College of Social Sciences & Professional Studies. She has changed the game at UW-Parkside and the region. She is called upon by campus units to participate in decision making on equity diversity and inclusivity policies. She is the glue of our efforts here at UW-Parkside. Read more.


University Staff Distinguished Service AwardChristopher Moeller

Christopher Moeller | Police Officer

Christopher Moeller is Police Officer with the UW-Parkside Police Department. By the end of 2021, Chris will have been a UW-Parkside Police Officer for 29 years! During that time, he has received three departmental Life Saving Awards. Read more.


Heather SpencerUniversity Staff Distinguished Service Award

Heather Spencer | Library Resources Support Technician

Heather Spencer is a Library Resources Support Technician. During the pandemic, when most of the library personnel were working remotely, Heather continued to work on campus to make sure the other staff could do their jobs. She developed contactless curbside delivery of library materials, which required a technical solution. Read more.

Faculty Distinguished Service AwardJohn Skalbeck

John Skalbeck | Professor of Geosciences & Academic Director for the Master of Science Sustainable Management Program

John Skalbeck is a Professor of Geosciences & Academic Director for the Master of Science Sustainable Management Program. Professor Skalbeck’s service to the campus, the profession and the community can only be described as remarkable! He not only agrees to readily serve, but he eagerly and effectively takes on challenging leadership roles during this service. Read more.

Sergio CorreaExcellence in Advising Award

Sergio Correa | Academic Advisor

Sergio Correa is an Academic Advisor at UW-Parkside. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a bachelor’s of science degree in business management. During his time at Parkside, Sergio was a member of the men’s soccer team and held student leadership positions including Peer Health Educator, Resident Advisor and Campus Ambassador. It was through these positions that he developed his interest in higher education as a career. Read more.

Community Engaged Learning and Research Award

Kristen Bartel | Associate Professor, Art & Design DepartmentKristen Bartel

Kristen Bartel is an Associate Professor in the Art & Design Department. Kristen has an ongoing record of working to promote the community and providing students with meaningful real-world experiences. Her interest in this led her to participate in the CBL summer workshop where she developed a community-based art project that not only addressed course objectives and help the community, but also had students think critically and reflect on their own opinions and biases toward Racine. Read more.

Theresa CastorExcellence in Research and Creative Activity Award

Theresa Castor | Professor, Communication Department

Dr. Theresa Castor is a Professor of Communications and the Faculty Director of Internships at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. She teaches courses in organizational communication, professional communication, and health communication, among other areas. Her research is on organizational decision-making, crisis communication, and language and social interaction. Read more.

Bryan LewisStella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award

Brian Lewis– Associate Dean College of Natural & Health Sciences, Director of Pre-Health Programs Center

Bryan Lewis is the Associate Dean for the College of Natural and Health Sciences, Director of Pre-Health program and a faculty member in the Biological Sciences department at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. During his over 20 year career in higher education, Bryan has been a passionate advocate for student success and has helped many hundreds of students matriculate into professional health programs and graduate schools. Read more.

Zhaohui LiStella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award

Zhaohui "George" Li- Professor of Geosciences Department

Zhaohui "George" Li is a professor of the Geosciences Department at UW-Parkside. Li's initiative and motivation have allowed him to effectively teach geosciences for more than 20 years at UW-Parkside. During his 23 years as a professor at UW-Parksisde, Li has been engaging students in research and creative activities either through independent studies or through high impact practices in classes with hands on lab exercises focusing on cutting-edge researches and writing skills. Read more.





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