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Purchasing Card

The preferred method for completing delegated transactions with external suppliers is by UW-Parkside Purchasing Card. Obtaining and using a Purchasing Card saves you time and reduces University administrative costs.


The Purchasing Card is a University liabilty VISA card issued and supported by US Bank. The P-Card is only authorized for University of Wisconsin Parkside business use.

Ask your supervisor if you think may need a P-Card.


If you think you may need a purchasing card, you may Apply for a P-Card.

You are required to complete Purchasing Card training. Contact Purchasing to be added to the Canvas Course.

Review the UW System Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure Manual.


U.S. Bank will mail the card directly to the card applicant at the address indicated on the card application. Cards are typically received 7-10 days after applications are processed.

Register for Access Online: To gain online access to your purchasing card account, visit U.S. Bank’s Access Online, click Register Online, and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens. This page provides helpful hints to register online.

You wil need online access for your monthly P-Card expense submission.

Activate the Card: To activate a purchasing card, visit U.S. Bank’s Access Online, click Activate Your Card, and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens.

Sign the Card: Be sure to sign the back of your new purchasing card.


One-time purchases can be made using a P-Card. Recurring purchases can be made on a P-Card or a contract blanket order can be used based upon Department preference.

You may not split a transaction to keep the dollar amount of each transaction under $5,000. This is serial purchasing or fragmenting a transaction to avoid the delegation limit and is not an acceptable alternative.

Important Information About P-Card Use

  • The only person authorized to use the P-Card is the person whose name appears on the card.
  • We are a tax exempt organization and, therefore, should not be charged sales tax in the state of Wisconsin. If proof of our tax exempt status is required, please send the supplier our Tax Exempt Letter.
  • The item you want to purchase may be on Shop@UW or covered on a mandatory contract. If so, make sure to order the item from the Mandatory Supplier. Search for the Contracts on VendorNet. You can search an alphabetic listing of contracts.
  • Do not use Ineligible Suppliers. Logon to VendorNet to view the Contract Compliance Vendor Directory.
  • Do not purchase items from the Exclusion List.


You will use U.S. Bank’s Access Online to access your P-Card statements. You are required to reallocate your transactions. You can reallocate in US Bank up to one week after the Statement Date.  If you do not have access to reallocate in US Bank, contact purchasing for access. Otherwise, you must reallocate with a Journal Entry.

Your Statement, receipts, and any other required documentation must be combined in one PDF. You will submit the PCard Record in BP Logix.

You will add your item descriptions and Business Purpose to your US Bank statement. If you do not have enough space on your statement, please use this addendum.

Training on the PCard Record Submission process is in our Canvas classroom.

You must submit your P-Card Record in a timely manner. Review the Statement Calendars to ensure you submit your documentation appropriately.

2021 Purchasing Card Statement Calendar

2020 Purchasing Card Statement Calendar

Using BP Logix will streamline the process and approvals.

You must have the correct Adobe to be able to Edit, Organize and combine.
If you need assistance with Adobe, contact CTS.
If you need assistance with PCard policy, contact Purchasing.
If you need assistance with using Adobe or BP Logix to create your PCard record, contact JZ.

To assist with your submission, we created this Quick Guide to PCard Record Submission.

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