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Purchasing compliance can be complex due to the layers of rules. As a state institution, we are required to ensure compliance at every level. This purchasing and procurement information will hopefully help you identify your compliance obligations.


Welcome to ShopUW+!

ShopUW+ works by departments or units submitting a request PRIOR to purchase. In making that request, the Receiving Required box should be checked. The request goes through the approval process. When the items arrive or the service is performed, then someone in your department must create a receipt. Accounts Payable will manage the payment from there.

Catalog Purchases

ShopUW+ has many suppliers in the system so you can order using e-commerce. All University of Wisconsin system Shoppers can put items in their cart from the Catalog suppliers. The cart then must be assigned to a requester- per the department/unit business process- for purchase.

Please refer to your department/unit business process.

Non - Catalog Purchases

If an item is not available from a catalog supplier, a Requester can place a Requisition in ShopUW+. There are two ways you can submit this request: using the non-catalog purchase or the Requisition Wizard.

The ShopUW+ training has more information on placing orders. Visit the ShopUW+ FAQ page for more.

Non Conforming Purchase

In most cases, when an invoice comes to Accounts Payable before a requisition has been placed in the ShopUW+ system, you must submit a Non-Conforming Purchase request. Accounts Payable will send any invoices that do not have ShopUW+ transactions to the department for a Non-Conforming Purchase request. These invoices will come to the department contacts through BP Logix. There is training in the Business Services Canvas Classroom on Invoice Distribution.

Standing Order

A standing order is a purchase order with a single supplier which contains multiple delivery dates scheduled over a period of time. It is normally used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods. Standing orders usually align to fiscal year timelines unless specifically indicated by contract and business need.


If you have an item that requires pre-payment, you can use the REQ Wizard to signify that pre-Payment is required. You must upload your invoice in the appropriate place following the Attaching Documentation Guide in the Canvas Classroom.

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Do not use Direct Pay in AP Forms. This is primarily for Accounts Payable. You will only use this if directed to do so by someone in Business Services.

2. Do not create any invoices. This is an Accounts Payable function. All invoices should be sent to AP for entry.

3. Remember that receiving required is an expectation. This means that Creating Receipts is also required. This is in the Canavs training from UW System Shopper Skills  Section 3. Please carefully watch this when creating receipts.



There may be existing contracts or special purchasing authority for items you are interested in.

Please review existing contracts to ensure your item is not already contracted.

Review the categories to ensure your purchase does not meet the special approval criteria.

Many commodities and services are covered under contracts established by our campus, UW-Madison, UW-Systems, or Wisconsin Department of Administration State Bureau of Procurement.

Most of the contracts established by the state are mandatory while University contracts are optional for the purchaser.

UW System, Madison, and DOA contracts can be accessed via a search feature on the University of Wisconsin Madison Business Services page.

Even though a commodity or service you may want to purchase does not conflict with a mandatory contract, it may have other restrictions due to Federal or State requirements and University policies. When initiating a transaction, you should determine if any special approvals or adherence to other conditions are required. Orders cannot be issued to vendors until required approvals are in place. The following are examples of procurements that must meet special conditions or require additional approvals.

  • Signage/Assistive Listening Device, etc. (Compliance to Americans w/Disabilities Act)
  • Air Charter, 8 or less passengers (Wisconsin Air Service to provide)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (University restrictions, approval for research use)
  • Computers and Software (IT Services approval)
  • Controlled Substances (State Controlled Substance Board and DEA registration)
  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics (Risk Management approval)
  • Office Furniture (BSI waiver - contact Purchasing)
  • High Speed Copiers (DOA approval)
  • Importing Goods (State, Federal, Customs regulations)
  • Insurance (DOA Risk Mgt approval)
  • High Risk Services (Proof of Insurance Coverage)
  • Student Org Transactions (Dean approval)
  • Legal Services (Governor's approval)
  • Motor Vehicles (DOA, Governor's approvals)
  • Printing over $50.00 (Creative Services must order)
  • Radioactive Materials/Stable Isotopes (Risk Management approval)
  • Temporary Help (Purchasing, Human Resources approvals)
  • Trademarked Goods (Trademark Licensing verification)
  • Weapons (Police and Safety approval)
  • Architectural, structural, electrical, security system modifications (Facilities Mgt approval)
  • Food Service on campus (Parkside Student Center approval)
  • Personal items, e.g. snacks, beverages, creamer, sugar, lotion, Kleenex, cleaning supplies and other items for routine consumption by staff or students (Not allowed - contact Purchasing)

The ordering department is responsible for obtaining all necessary hiring approvals before procuring help wanted classified advertising.

Note that employment ads for University Personnel CAN ONLY BE WRITTEN AND PLACED by the Human Resources Department to insure compliance with University Personnel System procedures.

For other vacancies, the requestor may also wish to consult with Human Resources when composing ad text. When ad content has been finalized and publish dates have been determined, the following procedure is to be followed for placing classified newspaper ads for other than University Personnel.

Temporary Help ads must have Human Resources and Purchasing approval.

Step 1: Prepare an LDO using the Purchase Authorization Form to authorize payment. The date the ad is to be printed along with a deadline date for receipt by the supplier should be clearly stated. Include the publication's contact information in the body of the order, i.e. email Order to xxx@xx.com.

If time constraints do not allow for normal routing of the requisition for signatures, a copy may be emailed to purchasing@uwp.edu.


All contracts for purchase or other procurement documents requesting University signature, except for a receipt to acknowledge delivery, must be forwarded to Purchasing for signature. Attach a contract requiring review and signature to a requisition in ShopUW+.

Purchasing will review the agreement for terms and conditions not acceptable to the University and take appropriate action.

Capital Projects are specific to Facilities Management. Funding and projects are managed through UW system. If you have questions, please contact Business Services.


If you are purchasing an item from a supplier not on a contract, you should check out these lists. If a supplier appears on the following directories, they are ineligible. Do not purchase from these suppliers. If you have questions, contact Purchasing.

State of Wisconsin’s Ineligible Vendor Directory

Certification for Collection Sales and Use Tax Ineligible Vendor Directory

Common Special Approval Items

Technology purchases must be routed through CTS. Please refer to the Purchasing Technology page here

Contact Purchasing regarding any furniture purchases. UW System has a contract with Badger State Industries. You must have a waiver to purchase furniture from anyone other than BSI.

All orders for printing exceeding $50.00 must be placed directly through the Creative Service's webpage for pre-approval and processing.

Personal items, e.g. snacks, beverages, creamer, sugar, lotion, Kleenex, cleaning supplies and other items for routine consumption by staff or students are not allowed to be purchased using University funds. Contact Purchasing with questions.

Copiers and Printers are subject to a mandatory contract. Contact Purchasing with questions.

Purchasing Card

A method for completing delegated transactions with external suppliers is by UW-Parkside Purchasing Card. Our Purchasing Card page provides additional information.

Generally, do not submit a requisition in ShopUW+ and then pay for the items or services using a PCard.  If you think you may want to pay with a PCard after a ShopUW+ submission, you must withdraw the request in ShopUW+ so the invoice is not paid twice. See page 79 in the Quick Reference Guide. 


All Requisitions must be submitted in ShopUW+ prior to purchase. If you have a purchase request, please follow your department/unit process.

If you have questions about ShopUW+, please go to ShopUW+ Essentials or the ShopUW+ FAQ page.



A principal point of contact is named in each delegated department to ensure records and documentation are available for department reference and audit. Purchasing provides delegation training. Contact Purchasing with questions about delegation authority.


All submissions in ShopUW+ will create a Purchase Order. Purchase Orders can be distributed directly from the ShopUW+ system after purchasing approval.

Standing Purchase Orders are replacing Blanket Purchase Orders.

If you are purchasing an item over $5,000 or $50 for printing, check out the Bid Process page here.

If you have questions about POs or bids, contact Purchasing.


Engaging Services

In some situations, you will be engaging services rather than buying goods.

There are three ways that you may pay for services.

1. If the work to be performed supports an academic objective, you should use the Academic Support Services Agreement.

2. If the work is primarily entertainment or a speaking engagement, you should use the Entertainer/Speaker Contract process.

3. If the supplier is a sole proprietor, you will also need the Independent Contractor form. This form is needed in lieu of the previous Qualtrics survey.

4. You may always use the Requisition process in ShopUW+ to pay for any service where you will have an invoice.

Entertainer/Speaker Contracts

If you are engaging an entertainer or speaker, you may need a signed Entertainment/Speaker Contract PRIOR to the event taking place. If the Speaker or Entertainer provides his/her own contract, then he/she must sign the University Standard Rider before Purchasing will sign their contract.

A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)/Social Security Number (SSN) is required. This information should be submitted separately on a W9

The Speaker or Entertainer will receive a 1099.

For contracts with a total value of $7000, a Wisconsin Department of Revenue WT-11 form is required except under specific conditions.  For more information, see UW System Administrative Policy 235 (formerly F31).

Academic Support Services Agreements

"Some services provided by independent contractors represent special talents needed by the UW System on a temporary basis to fulfill its missions of instruction, research and public service. If the service is a unique, noncompetitive activity supporting instruction/research/public service, it will be considered an Academic Support Service."

If the service meets the ASSA requirement, you are required to have an Academic Support Services Agreement excuted and approved by the procurement officer prior to commencement of the service to certify that the competitive purchasing process need not be used.

An ASSA must be executed regardless of the payment method utilized.

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Please note that documents you would send via intercampus mail should be scanned and emailed to businessservices@uwp.edu

Suppliers should send invoices to AP.Office@uwp.edu

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