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Supplier Information

University Wisconsin Parkside values our external suppliers. The University does not use an approved supplier list. We may have contracts in place for certain items. Departments or units on campus follow our Procurement rules.


If you have performed work or sold something to the University of Wisconsin Parkside, you are a supplier.

We use the Shared Supplier database system in SFS managed through UW system to pay suppliers. In order to process payment, Accounts Payable requires certain updated information from the supplier.

Each Supplier must have a profile in the database including their EIN or Social Security Number, their tax classification, their business address, remit to address, official business name, current contact information, and dba if applicable.

A W9 must be on file with a signature within 2 years of a payment request.

In order to process New Supplier Information or Existing Supplier information changes, you are required to submit specific UW System forms.

If you are a new supplier or an existing supplier with an update and you need to request an appropriate UW System form, please complete the Supplier Form Request below.

After submission, you will receive an email at the email address you provide with the appropriate form or link and instructions on how to securely upload your completed document using the sections below.

Please scroll down for more information on submitting completed documents.

Supplier Form Request


For 1099 reporting purposes, the Internal Revenue Service requires the University to use valid Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) when paying through our Accounts Payable department. We verify all TINs through the IRS as required.

Existing suppliers: UW Parkside transitioned to a Shared Supplier system in 2019. During the transition, your W9 information may have not updated correctly. You may receive a request to submit or re-submit based on the documentation in the SFS system. Please upload your updated W-9 below.


If you are a foreign national, there are a number of items we will need. Please review the information from UW system on Payments to NonResident Aliens.

If you are a foreign corporation, we must have a W-8BEN-E on file instead of the W-9. Please upload all of your documents below.


If you are a new supplier for the University of Wisconsin - Parkside, you will need to submit a New Supplier Form and a W-9. You can include ACH information on the New Supplier Form. Please note that we must have your UW - Parkside contact for all new suppliers. If you need a New Supplier Form, please submit a request or ask your UW - Parkside Contact.


If you are an existing supplier with a Name or Address Change, please complete the Name and Address Change form. If you need a Name or Address Change Form, please submit a request or ask your UW - Parkside Contact. Upload your completed document here.


If you are an existing supplier interested in ACH payments instead of a physical check, please talk to your university contact or submit a request for the ACH Change Form. We will send you the appropriate documentation as the first step in the process.  Please note it can take two weeks to update your banking information.


Supplier invoices should be submitted directly to the Accounts Payable office for processing. Please include the Purchase Order or Requisition number supplied to you by your University of Wisconsin Parkside contact.

Invoices are compared against the Purchase Order or Requisition authorizing payment. 

Remittance checks or ACH payments are generated in the Accounts Payable Department.

Improperly submitted invoices are disputed back to the supplier.


Originating departments must submit Authorization forms (Requisitions) to Business Services prior to arrival of invoices resulting from delegated transactions.

Delays in submission could result in interest liability, disputed invoices, and poor supplier relations.


By state statute, properly submitted supplier invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt, providing goods and/or services have been delivered, installed (if required), and accepted as specified.

If the University does not timely pay the amount due on an order or contract, we will pay interest on the balance due from the 31st day after receipt of a properly completed invoice or receipt and acceptance of the property or service under the order or contract, whichever is later.

Additionally, if the University does not notify the sender of the invoice within 10 working days of receipt of an improperly completed invoice we will pay interest on the balance due from the 31st day after receipt of an improperly completed invoice or receipt and acceptance of the property or service under the order or contract, whichever is later.


Payments originating from Accounts Payable can easily be tracked on WISER.

Review the training webpage for information on how to look up payments.

Contact Jennifer Agerholm in the Controllers Office for access to WISER.


If you have a new supplier, please direct your supplier to request the form directly. New suppliers will also submit a W-9.

New suppliers should submit forms early enough to ensure there is no delay in invoice processing.


If you have an existing supplier who has an update to their tax classification, W-9 information, banking information, name, or address, the suppliers may request the appropriate form. Suppliers can submit change forms at any time.

Please note it may take two weeks to verify and process any updates before those changes will be reflected in SFS.

All invoices should be sent directly from the supplier to Accounts Payable for processing. Ensure your supplier has the Purchase Order or Requisition number included on the invoice. This facilitates timely processing of invoices.

Ordering departments should respond promptly to requests for information or Positive Approvals for payment.

Departments requesting a payment through Accounts Payable should include a Social Security Number or an Employer Identification Number for an individual, sole proprietor, LLC, or corporate entity.

PLEASE NOTE: Our previous policy requesting W-9s signed within the last two years is no longer applicable.

Campus Partner note: You SHOULD search for your supplier in WISER to see the most accurate information. An instructional video is in the Business Services CANVAS classroom. While it is requested that a W-9 completed by the designated supplier or individual be included with the initial transaction request, the supplier may already be in WISER.

Business Services


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During the campus closure, our staff will be working remotely from 7:45 am to  4:30 pm. Please reach out to staff by phone, email, Skype, or Jabber.

Please note that documents you would send via intercampus mail can be  scanned and emailed to businessservices@uwp.edu

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