RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs


Business Services Training is now available in Canvas or through UW System resources.

Please self-enroll in the Business Services Training Canvas course to access the UW Parkside training courses. 

Training listed as Coming Soon: Please watch for emails, come back here, or look at the Canvas course for more information.


Introduction to WISER

This UW system video training provides a basic overview of the various searches and reports that are available within the campus reporting tool: WISER.
If you prefer written materials, this page has some great resources.

Highly Recommended for department or divisional financial staff who are new to campus or new to their role. 




OPEN HOURS: WISER with Jennifer Agerholm

WISER is replacing WISDM this fall. Please review the information from UW System on how to use WISER. Bring your questions to Open Hours! Email Jennifer Agerholm with questions to address in open hours.

September 29, 2020, Open Hours session is recorded and in Canvas. Please note that you may have to self-enroll in the Business Services Canvas course.

Next Drop in Open Hours Session:

We recommend that you watch the September 29 session prior to attending Open Hours.

Highly Recommended for all UWP employees involved with financial responsibilities familiar with WISDM and new to WISER.

Introduction to Accounting

This consists of four online modules:

Introduction to Accounting   Coming Soon
Introduction to Accounting: Funding Strings Coming Soon
Introduction to Accounting: Accounts Receivable Coming Soon
Introduction to Accounting: Journal Entries Coming Soon

Highly Recommended for all UWP employees involved with financial responsibilities.


Training for all purchasing functions at University of Wisconsin Parkside.

Introduction to Purchasing

This is a beginner-level course that will provide information and tools to make common purchases. It will cover purchasing rules and the best methods to make purchases.

Coming Soon

Until the new course is created, please contact Purchasing for an overview.

Recommended of all University of Wisconsin Parkside faculty or staff who may need to purchase items for the university.

Note: this does not cover the US Bank Corporate Travel Card.

Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures

This training provides an overview of how the purchasing card works, guidelines for card usage, cardholder responsibilities, and documentation requirements. 

Email Campus Purchasing Card Administrator to be added to the required Canvas Course.

Please note that this Canvas Course is managed by UW System and is not part of the Business Services training.

Required of all cardholders before receiving a card. 

Purchasing Card Record Submission Process

This training provides a detailed explanation of the Purchasing Card submission process. Substantial changes are coming for Fall 2020.

NEW P-Card Record Submission Process
Recorded session is posted in Canvas. 


OPEN HOURS: P-Card Record Adobe and BP Logix
Open Hours to correspond with statement download dates:


Recommended of all cardholders before submitting a purchasing card statement after implementation of the new process. 

SHOP@UW: New Account Requests

Any University of Wisconsin Parkside employee can request access to a Shop@UW account. Please note that all purchases must follow a purchasing approval process.

A mandatory one-time online training is required for all new Shop@UW Primary Account Contacts. This training is about 15 minutes.

Request to set up or reactivate a Shop@UW account and register for training here.

You can register for the training on that site in addition to requesting access. You will need your employee id to request access. Your employee id is on your earnings statement.

An overview of Shop@UW is included in the Introduction to Purchasing course.

Required for any faculty or staff who will be purchasing any items for university business as Shop@UW. Remember that Shop@UW should be the first choice in purchasing items for campus.

SHOP@UW: Using the Site

This training consists of PDFs created by University of Wisconsin Madison about Shop@UW. Information on when to use Shop@UW is included in the Introduction to Purchasing training.

Using this link, you will have access to the following topics:
Login, Navigation Options, Shop, Searching and Filtering, Shopping Carts, Cart Checkout Process, History: Search Documents, Punch-out Sites: Using Quotes & Saving Favorites, Checking Order Status, Shop@UW Functions: Chemicals Search.


Recommended for all staff purchasing through Shop@UW. Can be accessed for just in time training.

SHOP@UW: Monthly Review

Two online trainings provide an overview of the required monthly review of Shop@UW. 

MD Account Holder: Review the monthly report and record retention.
Coming Soon
Supervisor training: What to look for in the monthly report and approvals.
Coming Soon

Highly Recommended for all staff purchasing through Shop@UW.



As of July 1, 2020, UW System travel moved from one travel provider to three. Please check out the UW TravelWIse training resources and FAQs
UW Parkside Travel Training
Contact Travel@uwp.edu if you have any questions.
General Travel Services Open House (hosted by UW System Travel Services)
This is a recorded virtual open house to discuss changes to Travel Services effective July 1, 2020. There is an overview of the travel agency transition,  services of each agency, and open Q&A time to address any questions.
Previously Recorded Session: General Travel Services Open House
Travel Incorporated Overview (hosted by Travel Incorporated)
Travel Incorporated is handling all individual travel, or any travel of a group less than 10 where tickets are issued as a “live sell” ticket by the airline.

Travel Incorporated Administrative Group Training Webinar (hosted by Travel Incorporated)

Administrative Group allows a host department to easily manage all department specific travel needs for students, guests or employees.  The process gives the group administrator the option to either securely store a University Purchasing Card on file with Travel Inc for agent reservations or to set up the group for individual bill, where each traveler would provide a personal credit card at the time of booking.  To learn more about the process please sign up for the below training:


Fox World Travel Group Block Training
Previously recorded Session: Fox World Travel Group Block Training


Short’s Travel Management Training Webinar for NCAA Athletics (hosted by Short’s)

Highly Recommended for all UWP employees who may need to travel or book travel for others.


E-reimbursement training covers the e-reimbursement module and how to use it.

Written documentation of many of the e-reimbursement topics can be found on the e-reimbursement page or on the UWTravelWIse page.

The live training will instruct campus staff how to properly complete an electronic expense report.  Add the training link to your calendar.

Please contact travel@uwp.edu if you have questions or need training.


Highly Recommended of all staff as this is for ANY reimbursement requests. 


Cash Handling

Cash Handling is required for any employee who will be accepting funds. This training consists of a video and a 15 question quiz. The training is in the Canvas Course Business Services Training. Please self -enroll in Canvas.

Time: 25 - 35 minutes

Required for all UWP employees who will handle any cash, checks, etc.

Department Deposits

Departments and Units often have funds to deposit in their accounts. The Cashier's Office manages all deposits functioning as the "bank" for university. This training provides an overview of the Department Deposit forms. 

Coming Soon


Recommended for all UWP employees who may submit department deposits.

Business Services


900 Wood Rd.
Kenosha, WI 53144 
Tallent Hall 245
Parking: Lot T

Office Hours

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  • MON7:45 am to 4:30 pm
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Although our walk in hours are limited, our staff are available from 7:45 am to  4:30 pm. Please reach out to staff by phone, email, Skype, or Jabber.

Please note that documents you would send via intercampus mail can be  scanned and emailed to businessservices@uwp.edu

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