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Nonprofit Professionals wear many hats. It's critical that individuals have a diverse set of skills and tools to be successful in their role managing or leading a program. Prepare yourself for success with one of our development programs or workshops specifically designed for the nonprofit sector.


Be more effective in all aspects of fund development, including financial planning, donor prospecting, ethics, and making a case for support through storytelling. Developed by a team of successful and experienced fund development experts, this highly interactive certificate will advance your skills with course work aligned with competencies required for the Certificate for Fund Raising Executives (CFRE) exam. 

Earn CFRE Points and digital badges upon completion of Fund Development Certificate modules. 


Full Certificate  |  $1,249
Individual Module  |  $195
Boot Camp  |  $295



Foundations for Success in Fundraising

Len Iaquinta
Mar 8, 2019  |  Face-to-Face  |  5.5 CFRE Points

Learn the basics of fund raising from an experienced practitioner of 49 years who shares the fundamentals on how to be successful in fund development. Hear real life stories from a seasoned expert on successes and failures, and obtain tips and techniques on maintaining balance in a high pressure role. Also, this hands-on session provides an opportunity to assess career paths open to you, learn about sub-specialties, and network with your peers.

$195 Module   $1,249 Full Certificate 

Telling Your Story and Making the Ask: Developing Your Case for Support

Janet Buchler and Doug Diefenbach
Mar 21-Mar 22, 2019  |  Face-to-Face Boot Camp  |  9 CFRE Points

This highly interactive sessions offers a deep dive into developing the case for support and telling your organization’s story in a way that is compelling to donors and moves them to action. Tailor your case to appeal to different audiences. Learn the range of publications that should incorporate your case messaging, including annual reports, proposals, solicitations, and digital communication. Learn the golden rules of solicitation and how to structure the two-person ask. Pitch your story through role playing with real donors and philanthropists.

$295 Boot Camp   $1,249 Full Certificate 

Create a Sizzling, Executable Fund Development Plan

Marilyn Foster Kirk
Apr 5, 2019  |  Face-to-Face  |  5.5 CFRE Points

Sound planning and clear writing are just the beginning. Create a plan that is appropriate, communicate it to the rest of your staff and key volunteers, and know how to evaluate its effectiveness. This session will include planning, benchmarking with other organizations, and tools and ideas on how to track your progress. Understand your own data and history, and key indicators, that help you to strategically reach your demographic targets and achieve your financial goals.

$195 Module   $1,249 Full Certificate 

Building a Culture of Philanthropy and the Secrets of Stewardship

Jennifer Charpentier
Apr 26, 2019  |  Face-to-Face  |  5.5 CFRE Points

Increase your donor retention by building a culture of philanthropy in your organization. Learn how to identify, enlist, and motivate the right volunteer leadership and staff by finding appropriate ways for everyone to participate in fund development. Examine strategies and choosing the right donor/customer management tools necessary to succeed. Use qualitative and quantitative strategies to maintain positive and long-lasting relationships to help support your organizations mission. Understand trends: what’s new; what’s old and new again; trends in giving; generational change; and changing attitudes towards philanthropy.

$195 Module   $1,249 Full Certificate 

Development Ethics, Policies, and More

Kristin Hansen
May 10, 2019  |  Face-to-Face  |  5.5 CFRE Points

Following strong ethical standards and policies must drive the fundraising profession. Nonprofit organizations operate for the benefit of: civic good, individuals in need, communities, and our donors. Soundly written and carefully vetted policies on gift acceptance, philanthropic funds management, ethical practices, stewardship, metrics, and accountability are necessary. Bring your organizations policies that are currently in place to class and compare them to some templates provided.

$195 Module   $1,249 Full Certificate 

Advanced Proposal Writing

Ginny Finn
May 24, 2019  |  Face-to-Face  |  5.5 CFRE Points

Kick your grant writing skills up a notch! Learn how to work effectively with foundations, corporations, and other grant-making organizations, addressing their needs and interests while staying true to your mission. What are the grant restrictions, and are you ready to live with those restrictions? Learn how to approach contacts in advance to get a sense of the possibilities. Find out how to get around the “no unsolicited proposals accepted” rule through identification of key board members. Identify potential pitfalls of organization grants, and how to interpret an organization’s 990 and balance sheet to your advantage. Participate in a group critique of good and bad proposals guided by the instructor.

$195 Module   $1,249 Full Certificate 


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