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CBL Course List

Fall 2019

ACCT 403       Advanced Cost Accounting

AHS 101         Intro to Applied Health Sciences*

ART 371          Digital Photography

BUS 201         Experiencing Business* (GenEd course)

CBL 101          Introduction to Community Based Learning*  (GenEd course)

CBL 495          Capstone in Community Based Learning

CRMJ 373       Criminal Justice and Mental Health

CSCI 475        Software Engineering Principles and Practice II

EDU 100         Educator Learning Community Seminar and Pre-Clinical I

EDU 101         Introduction to Disability

EDU 200         Educator Learning Community Seminar and Pre-Clinical II

EDU 210         Seminar: Exploring Children's Worlds in Classroom, Context and Community

EDU 310         Family, School & Community Partnerships

GEOG 491      GIS and Communities

HESM 280      Sports and Fitness Nutrition*  (GenEd course)

HESM 370      Event Management

HESM 410      Fitness Assessment & Prescription

HESM 430      Fitness Program Management

MKT 354         Marketing Research

MUSE 300      Music Teaching & Learning

MUSI 338        Music of the Great Migration*

SOCA 216       Substance Use and Abuse

*indicates classes that are open to all students (no-prerequisites)

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