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CBL Course List

Fall 2019

AHS 101         Intro to Applied Health Sciences*

ART 371          Digital Photography

BUS 201         Experiencing Business* (GenEd course)

CBL 101          Introduction to Community Based Learning*  (GenEd course)

CBL 495          Capstone in Community Based Learning

CSCI 475        Software Engineering Principles and Practice II

EDU 101         Introduction to Disability

EDU 200         Educator Learning Community Seminar and Pre-Clinical II

EDU 210         Seminar: Exploring Children's Worlds in Classroom, Context and Community

EDU 310         Family, School & Community Partnerships

GEOG 491      GIS and Communities

HESM 280      Sports and Fitness Nutrition*  (GenEd course)

HESM 370      Event Management

HESM 410      Fitness Assessment & Prescription

MKT 354         Marketing Research

MUSE 300      Music Teaching & Learning

MUSI 338        Music of the Great Migration*

SOCA 216       Substance Use and Abuse

*indicates classes that are open to all students (no-prerequisites)

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