UW-Parkside faculty and high school faculty lead the development and implementation of college courses available to high school students through the PACC program. 

High School faculty who teach UW-Parkside courses in a partner high school must meet the credential and experience requirements determined by the UW-Parkside academic department for which they will be teaching in. High school faculty are required to submit a PACC Application which is shared with the academic department. 

The UW-Parkside Faculty Liaison collaborates with the high school faculty to develop and align the course, supervise the course and provide support to the high school faculty. 

PACC courses are the same as UW-Parkside’s on-campus courses. Each UW-Parkside course offered through PACC goes through a course development process. A university faculty member in the academic department responsible for the course is designated as the PACC faculty liaison. The faculty liaison collaborates with the high school faculty to develop and align the course, supervise the course and provide support to the high school faculty. The course development process requires that the faculty liaison and high school faculty collaborate to create the course at the high school with the same learning outcomes as the on-campus course. Once the course development process is complete the faculty liaison submits the PACC Course Development Completion Form and the syllabi for the on-campus and high school courses to the PACC director. All PACC courses are approved by the Provost prior to their initial offering to ensure that UW-Parkside Administration is aware of coursework offered off-campus. Finally, PACC courses are a distinct mode of delivery since they are off campus and must be submitted and approved by the Course and Curriculum Committee before they can be scheduled in the SIS (Student Information System). 


PACC is committed to the quality, rigor, and sustainability of our concurrent enrollment partnerships with UWP faculty liaisons and high school faculty, and as such we monitor the professional development activities of our faculty. There are many types of professional development opportunities for educators such as:

  • Annual professional development workshop sponsored by the PACC Program
  • On-campus observation of the course that you teach for PACC
  • Collaborative course content development
  • Online, interactive discussion boards
  • Group professional development (i.e. faculty liaison lead training for all concurrent enrollment instructors in a specific discipline)
  • One-on-one professional development with your faculty liaison
  • Professional organization or discipline-related conference 
  • High School Faculty Professional Development Form



We want UW-Parkside PACC students to have the opportunity to explore our college campus, visit with other Parkside students, attend a college course, and explore the resources available to PACC college students. For some, this is their first visit to a college campus and faculty involvement in that experience allows the student to see themselves as a college student.  We encourage all faculty members to think about how they can enrich this event with activities, and experiences within your academic department. 

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