Credit utility refers to how course/credits count towards a degree, major, minor, or certificate. There should be a purpose for taking the college course beyond just earning college credits, students should know ahead of time if that course will transfer to their chosen postsecondary institution and what exactly it will count for. To the best of our ability, the PACC program will help you determine if the course is appropriate for you to take while in high school.

All PACC courses are taught at your high school during the regular school day and are scheduled just like your other courses. You will have to complete the PACC program admission and enrollment process, which is similar to the process for students who do attend classes on our campus, but we will walk you through all of that.

All PACC courses are taught by qualified high school faculty who have gone through the same credential verification as UW-Parkside faculty, and are approved to teach UW-Parkside college courses by the content department faculty. In addition, every high school faculty member in the PACC program continuously works with a UW-Parkside faculty liaison, who you may see in your classes. More than likely you will already know the high school faculty teaching the PACC course.


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