Multicultural Professional Dialogues are career development sessions that provide guidance, preparation, and future opportunities for students to fully meet their career potential. Sessions have various topics that allow participants to build their career readiness skills and focus on understanding one’s unique, cultural lens in navigating diverse work environments. These opportunities are provided in the form of speaker presentations, panel discussions, etiquette meals, resume preparation, and more.


Multicultural Professional Dialogues (MPD):
The First-Generation Experience: Pursuing Careers in Clinical and Non-Clinical Healthcare



  • Chris Sinclair, Senior Director – AbbVie 
  • Nikki Mendoza, Senior Director - Froedtert South 
  • Dr. Delicia Randle-Izard, Director of Physician Pathways Pipeline to Practice Program – Cream City Medical Society
  • Manuel Santiago, Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs – University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health



Chris Sinclair is an experienced leader with a career spanning 24 years at Abbott and AbbVie, where he has successfully embraced diverse roles in various domains. His journey began with technical product support and then shifted into roles encompassing Drug Product Development, Finance, Global Medical Affairs, Regulatory, R&D Quality, and Patient Safety. In his current role as Senior Director of Business Technology Solutions, he leads a host of central IT functions for AbbVie R&D including Architecture, Data platforms, Risk and Compliance, Information Security, Technology Delivery, M&A, and Operations. Chris Sinclair holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Purdue University, an MBA from Indiana University, and a BS in Molecular Biology from Western Kentucky University. He has been certified as a project Management Professional (PMP), a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, is an experienced facilitator in Design Thinking, "What If" Innovation, and Visual Recording. AbbVie is specialty biopharmaceutical company, which discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes drugs for the treatment of chronic and complex diseases with 50,000 employees serving more than 70 countries.


I started as the Human Resources Manager for Froedtert South in November 2022 where I help in recruiting and retaining top talent, along with managing HR staff and operations. I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s in marketing and sales management. I started my career as a Sales Manager with Frito Lay and then decided I wanted to go into Human Resources which aligned more with my long-term career goals. I then worked at Aerotek, a staffing company, as an onsite Account Recruiting Manager at Froedtert South and then was promoted to an Implementation Specialist role before leaving Aerotek to join the Froedtert South HR team. I enjoy working in healthcare and human resources because it gives me the ability to help people find careers that are impacting our community in a positive way.


Delicia Randle-Izard, MD is originally from Missouri but has been in WI for over 27 years and considers herself a full fledge Wisconsinite-Go Pack! She is an alum of Medical College of WI and was an inaugural resident physician of St. Luke’s (now Advocate Aurora) Central City Residency Program. A Family Practice residency which focused on the care of the underserved. She has a career which not only includes medicine but also education.

She homeschooled for more than 20 years, which included the planning and structuring of curriculum. She also ran a parent organization which advocated for equity in the Nicolet school district. She also served on the Nicolet high school board.

These experiences cultivated a passion for students who may not have the same opportunities but certainly have the character, curiosity, and creativity to pursue the field of medicine. Pipeline to Practice: Increasing ADOS physicians evolved from this belief and experience. The Pipeline to Practice (P2P) program utilizes an asset-based community model. It is designed as a grassroots community collaborative. This means key stakeholders, including the scholars and their families, contribute towards each scholar’s success. P2P was started by Tito Izard, MD and Delicia Randle-Izard, MD. At the heart of the initiative is the belief that there are assets within the ADOS community and the community at large which support and empower aspiring ADOS physicians to thrive.

Delicia Randle-Izard, MD is currently the Director of Physician Pathways in the Pipeline to Practice program. Her role is to enhance and fuel the pipeline through e-portfolio production and maintenance, mobilizing communication between community collaborators and scholars, and advocating for the ADOS scholar.


Manuel Santiago is director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, a role he’s held for more than nine years. He spent the previous 22 years at Marquette University, as coordinator of multicultural programs and associate director of the Health Careers Opportunities Program. He serves on the board of directors of the Wisconsin chapter of the Medical Organization for Latino Advancement, among a few more. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Universidad de Puerto Rico and a master’s in educational administration and leadership from Marquette.

Moderator: Dr. Emmanuel Otu, Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences

Join us to hear from experts in the healthcare industry that will provide advice for students who are considering career tracks for clinical and non-clinical healthcare. Learn about what you should consider when pursuing these career tracks and what experiences and resources you should be aware of during your college experience. An additional focal point of this session is providing professional insight to our Parkside job-seekers who identify as first-generation college students. All are welcome, but please note that this session's topic is targeted at students in the College of Natural and Health Sciences. Light refreshments will be served.

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Expectations & Guidelines for the MPD Experience

To assist you in making your best impression, we have provided a list of guidelines and expectations.

Fashionably late is not a great first impression. Please be prompt to the sessions you registered for.

When appropriate, express considerate manners by saying hello, excuse me and thank you for your time.

Introduce yourself, ask proper questions, and be prepared to tell about your own career aspirations. Bring your resume for practice interviews and the resource fair.

It is important that you dress appropriately for career related events. Business casual is highly recommended! If you need access to professional clothing please visit the Career Closet. The Career Closet is located in the Advising and Career Center on the D1 level of Wyllie Hall.

Consider a nice blouse, business shirt or sweater, dress pants or skirt. No tie required.

MPD Guest Video


Tanisha Stokes '09, M.S., CPRW,CWDP,CMCS
BA, Communication

Tanisha Stokes, founder of Gold Ink Consulting, gives insight to job searching online. Tanisha is a financial coach and consultant. Gold Ink Consulting is a valuable resource for people navigating their career journey.

If you need accommodations due to a disability (physical, visual, hearing, etc.), please email Luis Benevoglienti at so we can make the necessary arrangements.



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