Updating Your Office Information

Appointments at Multiple UW Campuses 

If your primary appointment is at a campus other than University of Wisconsin-Parkside, you may review your information and inform your primary campus of any changes needed. You can only have one active business address in the Human Resource System. 

Please note that you may need to make an extra effort to let your colleagues and students know how to reach you while you are at the Parkside campus. 

Transfer to UW Parkside 

If you previously worked at a campus other than University of Wisconsin-Parkside and your business information still reflects that campus, please review your data.  The information below may assist you in determining the correct values for your business information at UW Parkside. 

Business Phone
If your department has elected to remove all business phones, you may leave business phone empty. 

Business Address
If your business address is not in Kenosha, please review carefully and update as needed. 

Business Location
If your business location begins with a letter other than G, you have a location outside of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus.  Please review carefully and update as needed. 

Business Location is typically a five character alpha numeric code.  Parkside business locations are typically the letter G followed by four numbers. Below is a list of the most common business location codes and their corresponding building.  You may provide either the code or building when updating this information. 


  • If you have G3021 Child Care Center as a Business Location, you must select a new value and update this information.  The Child Care Center is no longer an operational location on our campus.  

  • If you have GUWPKS UW Parkside as a Business Location, you must select a new value and update this information. GUWPKS is a default value entered when no business location is provided on hire paperwork.
Business Location Business Location Description
 GUWPKS  UW Parkside

Business Room Number 
Business room numbers are numeric or alpha numeric identifiers posted on or near your office doorway. 

If your Business Location did not begin with a G, please update your Business Room Number. 

Private Office
If you have been assigned a private office, please check the outside of your door or door frame for your office number.  If your office has no office number posted, check the entrance to the main office in which your office space is housed for a room number. If all else fails check with the administrative resource who supports your supervisor for more information. 

Office Cubicle 
If your workstation is located in an open area, check the entrance to your open area for a room number.

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