Living on campus is one of the easiest ways to acclimate to college life. You are located in the middle of a vibrant campus life, and are a part of the community. We also offer programs and organizations specific to the residence life community that will enrich your experience at UW-Parkside.


We want every student residing on campus to feel safe and secure in their home. To achieve this welcoming environment in the Residence Halls, students living in these communities, and their guests, have a shared responsibility to know and abide by the Housing and Residential Life policies. These policies are available to view in the Residence Hall Handbook.

Please ask Housing and Residence Life staff if you have any questions.


Having a college roommate can be a great experience that will lead to a lifetime of memories, but it takes work. Good communication and setting rules early on can help you make the most of this experience and be prepared to handle the challenges that may occur.

Your Resident Advisor will provide you with a roommate agreement to help establish a set of standards for your room, apartment or suite at the beginning of the semester. Take it seriously. The agreement helps you, and those you live, with discuss important topics and work together to establish boundaries to ensure you are all comfortable living together.

Challenging or difficult situations may arise while living with others. Good communication is the key to overcoming these challenges. We recommend speaking directly to the individuals involved about the concerns and what you are experiencing. Work together to come up with a solution that makes you all comfortable. Do not have this conversation via electronic communication or notes, as these messages are frequently misunderstood.

If you have had a conversation with community members and you were unable to come up with a solution through face to face conversations, your Resident Advisor is a great resource. Resident Advisors are trained in mediation techniques and can help facilitate difficult conversations. If it involves roommates or others in a shared living space, your RA will refer to your Roommate Agreement and have a conversation with all of you. Your RA will help you reach an agreement or refer you to your Hall Director.


All campus communities have Resident Advisors who are student staff that live and work in the halls. They plan events, build community, get residents connected to campus and are available in case of emergency. There is also a full-time professional Hall Director (HD) who has an office in the residence halls. Please take time to meet and get to know the staff they are an excellent support for you.

RAs and your HD are available in the halls to assist residents. Reach out in person, via phone, or email.

The Housing and Residence Life office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm in Ranger 36.

After office hours, if you need staff assistance, (Pike, Ranger, and Apts) please call the RA on Duty at 262-818-3096.

Head Shot Edgar Romero

Edgar Romero

Hall Director  |  262-595-2792

Why did I choose Parkside?   
I chose UW Parkside due to the tight knit community that has been formed here. Being able to connect and to learn more about our students at a personal level is something that you can get at UW Parkside. The diversity that is within our community is important to me because we get to learn different perspectives from each other. I realized right away how much our staff cares about our students, how easily approachable they are, and it made me want to be a part of this team!

What is my favorite part of the Kenosha area?
My favorite part of the Kenosha area is that we are close to Lake Michigan. if you enjoy fishing and going for walks around the lake as a way to relax, I strongly recommend doing it here. I enjoy spending my time outdoors and the Kenosha area offers various activities to be outside. The good thing is that Kenosha is somewhat in the middle of Milwaukee and Chicago, if you need a city escape you will be able to do it.

What is my advice to new students?
My advice would be is to enjoy your journey of self-exploration of becoming a brand-new person. I believe college is about discovering new things that you would never think you would like. Exploring new perspectives from the new friends you will meet in your academic career is going to be an eye-opening experience that will benefit you in the future. The biggest advice that I was given was to travel while in college, and I strongly recommend to study abroad while you are in college. 

Headshot of Margaret Watts

Margaret Watts

Associate Director for Housing and Residence Life  |  262-595-2320

Why did I choose Parkside?   

Parkside has the advantage of being a smaller institution, which allows us to cater our services more towards individual student needs and get to know them as individuals. The diversity of our campus population offers the opportunity to expand our world views and to learn to understand and appreciate our differences.

What is my favorite part of the Kenosha area?

Kenosha is situated in a beautiful part of south eastern Wisconsin, with the lakefront and farms. It has a small town feel, but with easy access to the amenities in larger cities. We have festivals, weekend farmers markets and amazing public parks. There is something for everyone here.

What is my advice to new students?

College is an amazing time for self-exploration and personal growth. Students should push their comfort zone, seek new opportunities and engage in their campus communities. You will learn as much from your out of class experiences as you will from your coursework.

DeAndre Taylor headshot

DeAndre Taylor, Ed.D.
Director for Housing and Residence Life  I  262-595-2320

Why did I choose Parkside?   
A foundational tenet of a UW Parkside is the intentional and student-centric approach to education. Understanding that a university education is a milestone in a person’s life, working at an institution that puts the student first in the educational journey was crucial in my decision to join the Parkside family. And that is just who we are; we are a family! I wanted to be a part of the uniqueness that is Parkside.

What is my favorite part of the Kenosha area?
I appreciate the outdoors and the beauty that is nature. Our campus sits upon 700 acres of original lands of the Ho-Chunk, Miami, and Potawatomi Nations. The majesties that is campus is my favorite part of the Kenosha area. Whether winter, spring, or summer, the campus landscape transforms into a beautiful scenery.

What is my advice to new students?
In college, you will experience a lot of “life.” College is a special time because you can experience moments that will shape the rest of your life. With that in mind, embrace the moment and always be the one setting the standard, not trying to achieve the standard!  Do not limit yourself nor feel a goal is too large to accomplish!


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