Maintenance and Work Orders 

Any repairs needed in student rooms, suites, bathrooms, lounges or hallways in the building, as well as replacement of items such as lights, should be submitted in MyHousing via a Work Order Request form. 

One work order should be placed for each problem/repair (i.e. do not put multiple repairs/issues on one work order even if they are in the same room or area). 

Internet and technical problems should be reported to Campus Technology Services at the Tech Bar at 262-595-2444.

Maintenance Emergencies 

An emergency is a situation which presents an immediate threat to the health and safety of the residents and/or facilities. The Department of Housing and Residence Life considers the following to be emergencies: 

  • Water–all floods and leaking pipes 
  • Fire–sparks, smoke smell 
  • No heat 
  • No water 
  • No electricity 
  • Overflowing toilets 
  • Broken glass in windows and doors 
  • Broken doors and window locks when safety and security are involved 

Emergency works orders should be reported immediately to Housing. During Business Hours call (262) 595-2320. Outside these hours call the RA on duty at 262-818-3096.

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