Room Assignments

Room Assignments

Returning housing students are allowed to participate in a room selection process in March where they are allowed to pick what exact room/hall they would like to be in. They are also allowed to participate in our singles lottery. There are approximately 50 designated single rooms on campus.  The resident's placement in the lottery is determined by completed credit hours and time frames stayed on campus. To be placed in the lottery, select 'single room' as your first living preference in My Housing.

Transfer students are allowed to preference any residence hall on campus. They sign up by filling out a housing application and choosing personal preferences. We do our best to meet these preferences. Placement is determined by the date the application is received as well the ability to accommodate roommate requests.

Freshmen may preference Ranger Hall or Pike River Suites. Ranger Hall is a traditional style residence hall which provides maximum interaction with students and Residence Life staff. Freshman are allowed to put in roommate requests if they know who they would like to live with. Both students must request each other as roommates and we will do our best to accommodate these requests.  Requests must be made through MyHousing before July 1 for the fall and January 15 for the spring.  Freshmen may preference a 'single room' in MyHousing, however there are a limited number of single rooms available for incoming students.

Any student who is not placed in a single, will be added to the Singles Wait List based upon their timeframes on campus and the date their application was received.

Three weeks into the semester students who are unhappy with their living situation are eligible to turn in a 'room change request'. Our main goal is to provide students with a safe, studious, healthy, and fun environment to call their home. We want all students to feel comfortable living on campus and we will always work with a student in need.

If you have any questions the Department of Housing and  Residence Life is available 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday. Our number is 262-595-2320 or you can email us at 

Room Changes

For Fall Semester, residents will be sent an email to their Ranger Account with their room assignment around July 15. Residents must wait until the third week of the academic year to request a room change. This allows housing staff time to prepare for Opening Day and residence hall move in.

For the Spring Semester, residents receive their assignment around January 15.This information is sent to their Ranger email account. Students must wait until the third week of the semester to request a room change.

All room changes requests must be completed through MyHousing. Room change requests are processed by the department in the order they are received. Room changes must be approved by the Department of Housing and  Residence Life.


Roommate Selection

Residents who are staying on campus have the opportunity to request a specific person as their roommates. Whenever possible, Housing and Residence Life attempts to grant this request.  To complete a roommate selection both students must sign up to live on campus in the same location.   Please note that residents' requests for a roommate will not be granted if the residents choose two separate living spaces (i.e. one resident chooses to live in the University Apartments and the other resident chooses to live in Ranger Hall).

To complete a roommate request please log into MyHousing and complete the required form. Please note that a roommate request will not be granted until both parties have completed the form online and have accepted the other person's request. This means that two forms and two approvals are required by the residents to complete the process.

The Deadline for all roommate Requests is July 1st for fall!

Roommate Matching

Residents who do not go through the Roommate Selection process will have the opportunity to go through the Roommate Matching process. Residents will be asked a short number of questions to help identify potential roommates that would be work with a resident's living-style. This process is completed through the MyHousing page.   

If you have any questions about the process, where to fill out a form, ideas on living with a new roommate, or any other question please feel free to call the Department of Housing and Residence Life at (262) 595-2320.

Changing Meal Plans

The deadline for residents to make changes to their meal plan for the Fall Semester is July 1.For the spring semester, residents have until November 15 to make changes.No changes are permitted after these dates.

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