When students complete their Housing and Dining contract they will be able to submit requests for their roommate, hall, and type of room.  We do our best to honor a student’s requests but final assignments are made based on availability of spaces when the contract is submitted. Students who submit their contract earlier have the best chance of getting their requests.

  • Single rooms are limited and typically fill during Priority Room Selection process for our Returning residents. Most students live in double rooms.
  • The Apartments are our most popular option and typically fill during Priority Room Selection process for our returning residents. No first year students live in the campus apartments.
  • Double Rooms are for two students. Students in doubles without an assigned roommate should anticipate being assigned a roommate, and should keep half the room unused and ready for an incoming roommate at all times.

Students who do not get their requested housing assignments can add their name to a waitlist for these spaces in MyHousing. If these spaces become available, students at the top of this list will be emailed about a possible room change.


  • Roommate requests between individuals with completed contracts, that have not been assigned a space, can be done in MyHousing
  • After students receive assignments roommate requests can be done by emailing These are accepted unitl July 15 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and May 1 for summer.
  • We accept roommate requests of hall occupancy allows. This means when halls and singles fill, if these spaces become available they are filled by students on the waitlist for that space. 
  • Roommate requests must be mutual. All individuals wanting to living together must request the other individuals or they will not be assigned together.


Students seeking specific housing accommodations (ex: single room, bed shakers) must work with Student Accessibility Services to submit paperwork, review accommodations and get approval.


Once a student is assigned a space they can log into MyHousing to view their placement and roommate(s) contact information if applicable. Assignments for fall start in April and are done on a monthly basis through move in. Assignments for spring start early December on a biweekly basis and continue through move in.

Students looking to move rooms after assignments go out can request changes until July 15 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and May 1 for summer. Students looking to move spaces after the start of the term can request a room change the third and fourth week of the semester. Requests are not guaranteed and will be processed by date received and availability. Single rooms and open spaces in Pike and the Apartments will be filled by those residents on the waitlist for these spaces.

Residents returning to campus housing for another year are eligible to Partake in Priority Room Selection process. Information on the process is emailed to them early spring semester. After this process all students are assigned to Housing based on the spaces they requested in their contract.

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