The UW System is statutorily prohibited from offering employer-based health insurance to student help employees.  To ensure student help employees are not classified as "full time" under the ACA, we will  (1) limit the use of lump sum payments and (2) cap the hours of work.

Effective January 1, 2016, the Student Employment policy changed to limit student help hours worked to 25 hours per week (may work more than 25 hours during weeks when class is not in session). However, a student employee cannot work more than 89 days at full-time because that would trigger benefit eligibility.  Federal Work Study hours will not count towards the hours evaluated to determine a full-time employee for ACA reporting.

Find more information on the student employment policy here.

Paid on a bi-weekly basis. Student employees work a two-week period and are paid for that time almost two weeks later on a Thursday.

Student employees do not have Social Security tax (7.65%) deducted from their pay checks while they are enrolled in classes, provided they meet the minimum credit threshold for half-time status.

  • At least 5.5 credits for undergraduate students each semester
  • At least 4.0 credits for graduate students each semester
  • At least 3 credit during a summer session

Social Security tax deduction must be taken from student employees' summer paychecks if they are not enrolled in summer sessions. You will not receive the deduction for those payrolls when you are attending a summer class(es).

All student employees record their hours in HRS:

Webclock: This type of entry should be utilized for those employees who are able to punch "in" and "out" each work day.

Timesheet: This type of time entry can be used when students are not able to immediately enter their time in HRS. This entry allows students to login during the bi-weekly pay period and enter their "in" and "out" times for any given day during the payroll period.

Both timekeeping methods are accessed through the My UW System Portal. Time for a particular pay period is recorded and subsequently approved by the supervisor following the close of the pay period.

Please refer to the following documents for instructions on using the portal and HRS:

All employees paid time is automatically rounded based upon the HRS rules in Time and Labor:

Time You See
(Punch Time in Minutes)

Time Used to Compute Payable Time
(HRS Rounded Time - Hundredths)
00 - 7.5  00
7.5 - 22.5 .25
22.5 - 37.5 .50
37.5 - 52.5 .75
 52.5 - 60 1.0








Student supervisors approve time worked online using the Employee Self Service module within HRS.

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