Paws to You is an employee appreciation program designed to offer gratitude to a fellow coworker. Maybe they helped you complete a task or project and it made a large impact on the outcome. You can show them thanks and appreciation by sending them a Paw they are able to display for all to see in their email signature, and a running total of all Paws will be displayed here on the Paws to You website. So what are you waiting for? 

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Paw Recipients

Paw Recipient Reasoning
Standard, John R

John was helpful and expedient when data was requested. He made the process painless. Thank you!

– Dieck, Sandra J

Adams, Krista A

Thank you so much for connecting us to such an amazing partner and the continual support!

– Black, Kevin D

Wallner, Steven W

Steve is the best! Consistently going above and beyond to advocate for the needs of students. He genuinely cares about students, faculty and staff and makes Parkside a better place. Thanks for all your years of services and dedication. You're a gem.

– Anonymous

Dieck, Sandra J

Sandy! You give your absolute best for the participants we serve and the betterment of our program. I have no doubt that as we continue to grow you will continue to push us to be our best selves. Thank you for everything you do!

– Black, Kevin D

Schulz, Kyle

Thank you Kyle for all your assistance in getting my new computer set up for me! You are always so polite and helpful. I feel bad you had to do those 3 flights of stairs so often as once again the elevator is down! Thank you!

– Minton, Connie

Hautzinger, Danielle

For all you do for this whole university! So many staff have left your Dept and you have been amazing keeping up with everything! You always have a smile on your face! You are very appreciated!

– Minton, Connie

Dalton, Carol L

Carol, you are an absolute gem. Please know you are valued and loved on campus.

– Anonymous

Kelly-Perry, D'jena D

D'Jena! You are always doing an awesome job for campus! Congratulations on kicking off another very successful Black History Month celebration on campus. Thank you for being a champion for our student body. :)

– Anonymous

Ryan, Nicole

Nicole, you are an absolutely wonderful person, and I am so happy I got to work with you and stay in touch.

– Anonymous

Langerman, Lisa M

I asked Lisa if she had a particular item in the surplus inventory and she did not. However, she went above and beyond to locate the item on campus, kept in touch as to when she would be getting it and delivered it personally. Now that's what I call going "above and beyond"! Thank you, Lisa.

– Reisenauer, Teri

Dalton, Carol L

When I think about Parkside, I think of students and their success. You support students and encourage students every day, in all you do. You lift their spirits, and provide fun and engaging activities for students to be involved in. You let them decompress from their studies, and remind them to have fun while going through the college process. Thank you for being the kind, creative, vibrant, caring, and an involved person that you are for our campus! You make such a huge difference!

– Nepper, Alyssa D

Aiello, Katy R

Katy is the hardest working but unsung heart of CNHS. Things wouldn't work without her!

– Anonymous

Joncas, Amanda M

Amanda, if no one has told you lately, I want you to know that you are absolutely amazing! You are a great asset to the Human Resources Department here at Parkside. You are professional, engaging, and knowledgeable. Thank you for all that you do!

– Anonymous

Joncas, Amanda M

Amanda, if know has told you lately, I want you to know that you are absolutely amazing! You are a great asset to the Human Resources Department here at UWP. You are professional, engaging, and knowledgeable. Thank you for all that you do!

– Anonymous

Gutierrez, Giovanna

AMIGA!!!! ¡Te extraño mucho! Thank you for being my friend and for inviting me to so many campus events and for always keeping me in the loop. You are not only a DUAL award winner, but you are constantly striving to make campus an inclusive place for all. Please know that you are valued.

– Anonymous

Markwardt, Amanda N

Amanda, you have worked so hard to make events on campus successful. Massive congratulations to your efforts to make Hispanic Heritage Month incredibly popular on campus! Thank you for being you and thank you for the years of collaboration and fun. Let's revamp our conversaciones en español!

– Anonymous

Bell, Colette S

Colette, you are an absolute treasure to this university. I appreciate all that you do for our students and for the larger campus community. Thank you for making Parkside your home and thank you for allowing me to collaborate with your department time and time again. :)

– Anonymous

Nepper, Alyssa D

Thank you for being a wonderful person and for sharing your gifts with campus. You are one awesome photographer and editor and you always have a way of capturing the beauty of our campus community!

– Anonymous

Abbott-Davis, Katie

Katie, You are a fantastic advisor and colleague! Your dedication to students is inspiring and authentic. You are always willing to help and teach others in a compassionate and understanding way. You are appreciated beyond words and awards. Thank you for all you do!

– Voynovich, Laura A

Lee, Joy H

Joy just started and has hit the ground running! Very excited to have her on the team!

– Vara, Hillary

Voynovich, Laura A

Laura, always has my back and willing to assist!

– Vara, Hillary

Privett, Ian M

You rocked the fall PACC application period! Thank you for processing all of the last minute applications and being so kind to our students. Our enrollment growth of 124% would not have been possible without you!

– Olstinske, Denise R

Dalton, Carol L

Carol, You are an absolute ray of sunshine at this University. You work tirelessly to ensure that all students are having the best experience possible and you shine so brightly when interacting with them. You are 100% in your element when you are running an event or program for the student body and we are SO lucky to have you and your talent, positivity, and beautiful heart here at Parkside! Please know that your hard work does not go unnoticed.

– Anonymous

Botello, Omar

Omar - where do I even begin? I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING you have helped our department with when it comes to Marketing: Parkside Day, alumni events, social media, website content, invitations, and so much more. You are so talented! Thank you for putting up with our crazy team and always being such a kind-hearted person. We truly need more genuine people like you in this world. I appreciate you so much - thank you for everything!

– Busch, Jenn

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