The colors of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside for all official uses, academic and athletic, are green (PMS 349) and black (PMS Black 3C). These colors reinforce the impact and recognition of the brand. Consistent and appropriate use of these colors is required.

The exact color green is identified with the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a graphics and printing industry color standard, or the equivalent percentages of CMYK colors for four-color or process-color reproduction. Electronic publications must use PMS equivalent colors. (RGB colors are for the computer screen only and must be converted to CMYK equivalents for any print application.)

The preferred logo is the white reverse logo. The full color Parkside logo is the standard for use on white background, but should only be used in situations where the colors are complementary. In other instances, the black logo may be used.

Ink colors change depending on the stock of paper they are printed on as well as the machine running the print. All effort should be made to make the color as consistent as possible.

Complementary Color Palette

The colors below have been selected as complementary colors for use on the website and in print materials. The goal of a complementary pallete is to add highlights and color to materials without detracting from the official university colors. When using multiple colors in a document or on a web page, the guide below will aid in the selection of colors to use based on the number of colors on a page. On the left is the number of colors, and below are the preferred choices. (Hex, CMYK, RGB, and Pantone numbers provided below.)

The wordmark may not be reproduced in these colors.

Secondary Colors
Combinations of these colors are used in most print and digital publications. 

green 016836 90, 33, 100, 26 1, 104, 54 349
Pea Green 73A950 61, 14, 92, 1 115, 169, 80 7489
black 7 54534A 0, 0, 15, 82 84, 83, 74 BLACK 7
cool grey DBD9D6 13, 11, 12, 0 219, 217, 214 COOL
medium grey 908F88 46, 38, 43, 4 144, 143, 136 7539


Athletic Colors

green 016836 90, 33, 100, 26 1, 104, 54 349
dark green 004631 100, 0, 81, 66 0, 80, 47 3435


Accent Color
Use of this color should be rarer and represent no more than 10% of the color on a page.

Rivulet 40C1AC 58, 0, 36, 0 64, 193, 172 7465


Colors and Color Combinations to Avoid

Color is one of the most powerful ways a university can identify itself. Used consistently, the colors chosen to represent Parkside create a strong identifying image. Conversely, some colors and color combinations can be confusing.

Colors associated with other public institutions should not be used. Purple is not within any of Parkside's color palettes and should never be used, as well as the color palettes of surounding schools.

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