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Other Affiliated Logos

Affiliated logosLogos and Wordmarks Affiliated with the University

There are a few wordmarks that are affiliated with UW-Parkside that do not belong to the university. Wordmarks for the Foundation, Alumni Association, Adventures in Lifelong Learning, and Small Business Development Center are the property of those entities.

Permission to use any of these wordmarks must be granted from the organization.







Sponsor, Accreditation, and Partner Wordmarks and Logos

There are many situations where wordmarks and logos must be used in conjunction with the UW-Parkside wordmark, including sponsorships, accreditation, or partnerships. A few examples of these wordmarks and logos are located below.


When using wordmarks or logos that do not belong to UW-Parkside, please be sure to follow that company or organization's style guidelines in addition to those of UW-Parkside.

Partner wordmarks or logos should appear equal in size and importance to that of UW-Parkside.

Sponsor wordmarks or logos should appear smaller than the UW-Parkside logo. If there is more than one sponsor and they are all equal, make sure their wordmarks or logos appear equal in appearance. If there are major and minor sponsorships, the logos of the major may appear larger than minor sponsors, but should be equal in appearance to those in the same sponsorship bracket.

Accreditation wordmarks or logos should appear smaller than the UW-Parkside wordmark

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