Posting Guidelines


Any information or promotional materials to be displayed on campus must follow the guidelines, which are outlined below. These guidelines have been developed to help students navigate the myriad of opportunities on campus as well as to protect our brand. Note, print materials are not the only way to promote an event -- take advantage of digital options. 

General Information Regarding Promotional Materials  

Poster 8.5 x 14” Can be posted on bulletin boards and posting strips
Flyers 8.5 x 11” Can be distributed by hand and posted on bulletin boards, but may not be posted on posting strips or placed on tables 
Handbills 4.25 x 5.5” Can be distributed by hand but may not be left on furniture or posted 
Large posters 22 x 28” Can be displayed in assigned sign holders
Other posters 18 x 24” or larger Can be mounted on foam core and displayed on stands  


  1. All materials must be approved by University Relations before printing and posting. 
  2. All materials must contain a UW-Parkside logo presented in an approved manner. See the Styleguide for appropriate logo and presentation at Templates are available with proper presentation of the logo and usage is strongly encouraged. 
  3. The sponsoring student organization(s) must be indicated on the promotional material in no smaller than 9 pt font. 
  4. Content on promotional materials that can be considered offensive or illegal, may be removed.  


Posting and Distribution 

  1. Posting strips are for 8.5x14 posters only. 
  2. Only one poster (8.5x14) per event will be allowed per campus posting strip.  
  3. Only one flyer (8.5x11) per event will be allowed per campus bulletin board. 
  4. Large posters mounted on foam core are for day-of-event display. They must be completely removed when the event is finished. Easels display must adhere to safety guidelines and building regulations. 
  5. Promotional materials may not be strewn about the main concourse or eating facilities, on the furniture, or floors.  
  6. Promotional materials may not be attached to walls, windows, doors, floors, trees, display cases or any other part of the University grounds.  
  7. Due to limited space, the university reserves the right to limit the distribution of all promotional materials.  
  8. Posters may not overlap with or be attached to other posters.  
  9. All posters placed in unauthorized locations or do not follow content guidelines will be removed
  10. Event promotional materials should be placed no sooner than two weeks before an event and removed the day after the event. 
  11. Table tent promotion may be put on the tables on the concourse, D1 Molinaro, the Commons, or Main Place. The sponsor is responsible for the removal of any table tents within a day following the event. To avoid clutter, no more than two (2) table tents per surface. 
  12. Table promotion in the Student Center needs to be approved by Student Center management and will be placed in the napkin dispensers. 
  13. Agreements with outside partners for sponsorship should align with these guidelines. 
  14. Distribution in residence halls must be approved by the Housing and Residence Life Office. 
  15. Public Posting bulletin boards are designated as a For Sale, Rides/Riders Wanted, and Public Notices board. All notices are removed from the Public Posting boards on the last Friday of the month. Inappropriate materials will be removed.  

Any part of the posting procedure may be overridden by University administration for public safety. 

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