Boxes are used to help organize the layout of a page. They draw attention to information by differentiating it from the background image or by popping it out from other text. A box may contain some or all the text on a page.


Boxes are rectangular in shape, with squared corners. There should be no rounded corners or angles (other than 90 degrees).


Boxes can be any of the approved green or gray colors. The text in a  box should be white -- with the exceptions of a Cool Gray box should have Black 7 text, and green 7489 and blue 7465 can be used for text on a dark background. See Colors | Typography


Because scale varies, so does padding. In general, 1/4 inch for 10-12 point font on an 8.5x11 or 11x17 print piece is recommended. Consult your marketing specialist to help with larger pieces.


Use only solid colors. No gradient.


While it is generally preferred that a box is entirely located on a page, it is possible to have the box bleed off a side of the page.


There are standard footer layouts for posters, flyers, and handouts. These should be used for all the aforementioned items that promote events and activities presented by the University. The footer contains the official logo.


If you are creating a multipage report, you only need to use this footer on the cover page.

The assets available for download must be used properly - including placement and proportions.

As always – if you have a question, a plea for help, or a request for design – contact your marketing coordinator.

Word 8.5x11


11x17 | bleed
8.5x11 | bleed

no bleed |  bleed

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