Who are we? Well, our website is full of descriptions of who we are and who we think we are. But, we wanted our students, alumni, and community to let us know who they think we are -- because they are part of us.

From what they said, two main messages were developed into new tag lines: Major in You and More Than You Think.

Major in you.

What sets the UW-Parkside experience apart? According to students, it’s the support and individualized attention they receive from faculty and staff alike. Support that doesn’t just help them pursue what they want to do; it helps students become who they want to be. In this concept, we’ll show how this unique balance of personal and academic support—of exciting learning environments and helpful life lessons—put students at the heart of UW-Parkside. A campus where individuals matter and students get the opportunities and personal attention they need to thrive.

Not only does "major in you" describe the student's experience, it reflexes in to "we major in you" to describe Parkside's commitment to our students.

More than you think.

This message is particular to our community. The members of the community who may not know of our quality outcomes. The local high school students who believe that they need to go to a large school far from home to get a respectable degree. Here we expound on our high placement rates and our highly-engaged faculty -- more personal support makes succeeding academically possible.

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