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Environmental Branding Approval

Definition of Environmental Branding 

Any item of signage, regardless of material used, which will be displayed anywhere on campus*, indoor and outdoor, for 60 days or longer. The 60-day time frame is not limited to consecutive days of display.

*Excludes personal offices. Includes off-campus displays if the item represents the University.

Approval Process

All environmental branding pieces need to be approved by the Creative Manager. Approval includes verifying compliance with general university branding and environmental branding plans of the university.

Indoor display includes all public areas, hallways, windows, labs, and centers. Personal offices are exempt. Outdoor display includes all banners, posters, and yard signs representing UW-Parkside, displayed on and off campus.

This includes work done by all designers, internal and external. Assistance, including design and guidance, is available from the University Relations at marcomm@uwp.edu.

Please build approval and revision time into your planning. Items produced without proper approval will need to be reproduced at your expense.

Why do we need an approval process?

Here are some of the positive outcomes from this centralized approval process. Posted items are:

  • consistent with University messaging
  • consistent with University branding
  • in position(s) that are strategically planned to align with strategic branding initiatives
  • featuring UW-Parkside programs and activities
  • produced and positioned to elevate the image of the University
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