Non-faculty Academic Staff employees (administrative directors, instructors, executives, limited appointees, and academic staff professionals) are paid around the first of every month for work that occurred in the preceding month. If one such employee begins during the month, on the 14th, for example, that individual would receive 16 days of pay for that month (based on a 30-day calendar month). If that employee worked the entire month, he or she would be paid for all 30 days (based on a 30-day calendar month). Twelve month employees are paid on an annual or 12-month contract basis.

Nine month, or school year, employees (faculty, ad hocs (instructors), lecturers, and coaches) are paid for 9 months. Their contract year begins usually the last week in August through the 3rd week in May. This group of faculty and staff are also paid the first of the month and receive their first paycheck on October 1.



All Unclassified employees report their absence usage online using the  Employee Self Service module within HRS.

UW System Unclassified Personnel Guidelines.

  • Vacation/Holiday Leave Reporting: UPG  #9
  • Sick Leave Reporting: UPG #10

All 9 Month Faculty and Academic Staff that are teaching or participating summer service must complete one summer leave report.  If you are not teaching or participating in summer service you do not need to complete a summer leave report.



  • Unclassified Compensation: UPG #4
  • Pay Plan and Distribution Principles and Guidelines
  • Salary Adjustment Policy: New Faculty
  • Salary Adjustment Policy: Academic Staff
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