The UW-Parkside Wordmark

The Parkside wordmark is the main element of the visual identity system. It should appear on all university communications including publications, advertisements, posters, etc. It may also appear on promotional items such as pens, shirts, etc.

There are two approved versions of the wordmark. The horizontal version is the preferred version of the logo. However, design and space considerations should be taken into account when deciding whether to use the horizontal or vertical version of the wordmark.

The wordmark is a combination of the university name and a swash that ties in to the UW System wordmark. All elements of the wordmark must be used together. Pieces of the wordmark may not be used separately to create new identifying marks.

The wordmark by itself (with no other logos or wordmarks) is the preferred visual representation for the university to create brand recognition.

Parkside logo horizontal 


Parkside logo vertical

Download approved, preferred Parkside wordmarks:
Acceptable Colors
acceptable colors

Acceptable Colors

The Parkside wordmark may be used in two color Parkside green (Pantone #349) and black. It may also be used in a single color green (Pantone #349), black, or white depending on the background color. The preferred use is in two color.

A black wordmark may be used in black-and-white artwork when the background is light.

PREFERED: The white wordmark may be used on dark backgrounds, in black-and-white artwork, and when the background color clashes with the Parkside green.


Please contact Marketing for exceptions.



Acceptable Spacing
acceptable spacing

Acceptable Spacing

There are minimum spacing requirements around each version of the wordmark to keep the appearance clean and professional. The minimum space around the wordmark is equivalent to the height of “University” as it appears in the wordmark as shown below.
Acceptable Sizing
acceptable sizing

Acceptable Sizing

To keep the appearance of the wordmark clear and professional, there are minimum acceptable sizes for each orientation. The horizontal wordmark must be at least .4 inches tall. The vertical workmart must be at least .5 inches tall.

Note: The minimum size is for standard printing. Large format print requires a much larger minimum. Contact Marketing for guidance.

Unacceptable Uses

Unacceptable Uses

 distorted    Do not change the proportion or distort the wordmark.
 missingelement    Do not remove any elements of the wordmark.


   Do not change color in any elements of the wordmark or make it into a gradient.
 angeled90 degrees    Do not rotate the wordmark without permission from Marketing. Permission may be granted for items such as light pole banners and promotional items with a narrow vertical where the wordmark is the main visual element.
 bad crop    Do not crop out portions of the wordmark.
 other elements    Do not combine other elements with the wordmark.
 wrong font    Do not reset any of the fonts used in the wordmark.
 low resolution    Do not use inappropriate resolution wordmarks. Print = 300 dpi, PowerPoint = 150 dpi, web = 72 ppi. It's wrong if it looks fuzzy.
 too small    Do not use below the sizing standards.




Historic Logo

Historical Logo

historic logoThe historical logo will no longer be used as a design element or as part of logos created by groups around campus. It should not appear in social media or on publications except where authorized by Marketing.

The historical logo appears on the right. It was originally created in 1967  for the university opening in 1968. According to the December 5, 1969, Parkside Collegian, the logo was created by Charles P. Reay a graphic design consultant with the firm in charge of designs of campus, signs, letterhead, uniforms, publications and vehicles. According to the article it was nicknamed “sticks and leaves” by students.

The historical logo is part of the university seal

University Seal

University Seal

 seal green

Use of the university seal is limited to the Chancellor’s Office. The seal is reserved for formal publications (both electronic and print) such as diplomas, contracts, resolutions, proclamations, etc.

The seal may also be used for formal occasions such as commencement, building dedications, and honorary celebrations.

The seal may be reproduced in black, Parkside green (Pantone #349), or it may be reversed when it appears on a dark or conflicting background.

The seal may be reproduced in metallic gold, silver, pewter, or other metals for items such as podiums, medallions, etc.

The seal should not be used in place of the logo on brochures.

Approval to use the university seal can be obtained from Marketing.

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