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The university has a YouTube channel and Vimeo account for posting videos created by and for UW-Parkside audiences. Departments or clubs may have their video posted on the channel if it meets the university's requirements.

Requirements for Posting
  • Video content must be of general interest
  • Video must be at least 640x480. Higher quality is preferred. If possible aim for 1280x720
  • Audio quality is at least as important as your video quality. Audio must be clear. Avoid using the camera microphone and instead use a lapel or other microphone
  • Videos must have a semi stable shot
  • Video must have acceptable lighting – no incredibly dark or light videos
  • If you use any copyrighted material you must get written permission and give credit where due
  • Videos must adhere to YouTube guidelines
  • Video must represent the University in a positive manner
  • A description must be provided with the video
  • Videos must pass approval of Marketing + Communications staff to be posted

To Get Posted

The best way to deliver a file is to drop it off on either a flash drive or a data cd to Marketing + Communications as videos do not email well.

A podcast of this information is also available on the university YouTube Channel Check out our "How Do I" video on our YouTube channel.


Videos that are instructional in nature should also be posted to the university's iTunesU site. Contact the Learning Technology Center for more information.

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