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Scholarships are available to music majors, minors and ensemble members. The Music Department makes scholarship awards in amounts that are competitive and comparable to other state universities of our size and scope. The value of these scholarships may be made in amounts up to the full cost of tuition for exceptional student musicians.

Students will be awarded a scholarship only after they have been admitted to the University.


Students need to audition in order to receive an award from the Music Department. These auditions take place on February and March.

There are two types of music awards available:

  • Scholarships for incoming music majors
  • Scholarships for continuing music majors

Scholarship Auditions are held annually in February.  Please visit AUDITIONS for online application and audition information.


Available to Music Majors, and Arts and Humanities majors. This scholarship competition is based on creative work and talent. Music Students need to audition in order to receive this award. Picken Scholarships are awarded only at the Scholarship Competition day.


Available to any UW-Parkside Student who demonstrates commitment to the ensemble of choice. New incoming and transfer students qualify by performing at the scheduled music auditions. Awards will be granted by the ensemble directors and will be applied to the student's tuition. 


Consideration for academic scholarship is given to students who have been admitted to the university before February 1st

For more information on academic scholarships visit the UW-Parkside SCHOLARSHIPS page.

For financial aid information visit the UW-Parkside FINANCIAL AID page.

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