Paws to You is an employee appreciation program designed to offer gratitude to a fellow coworker. Maybe they helped you complete a task or project and it made a large impact on the outcome. You can show them thanks and appreciation by sending them a Paw they are able to display for all to see in their email signature, and a running total of all Paws will be displayed here on the Paws to You website. So what are you waiting for? 

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Paw Recipients

Paw Recipient Reasoning
Wallisch, Hannah M

Hannah - THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you do for not only our office, but the entire University. You are truly a gem to this institution and I am beyond thankful to be able to work with you. Every time I have a question and I am not sure who can answer it, you always know the answer or at least know who to direct me to get the answer. Your professionalism, your calm demeanor, and your big heart are unmatched. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for always being willing to help and assist when needed, even when it is not part of your job. I appreciate you more than you know.

– Busch, Jenn

Kelly-Perry, D'jena D

D'Jena - Thank you for being such an amazing colleague! Happy one-year work anniversary in Alumni Relations (August 1). Your passion for your alma mater, energy, and great ideas have made you such a great asset to this team. Thank you for being there for me and I appreciate how much we balance each other out (thanks for calming me down in my stressed out moments haha) Cheers to another successful year! You are amazing!

– Busch, Jenn

Booher, Linnea L

Linnea - thank you for your continued leadership with University Advancement, specifically Alumni Relations. You go above and beyond at everything you do, you are a resource to so many people on campus, and when people are in a time crunch to get something done - you are always the person to help make it happen. Thank you for believing me in and giving me the opportunity to join this team! Cheers to another successful year! THANK YOU for all you do for this university.

– Busch, Jenn

Randelzhofer, Tricia

THANK YOU for your instant assistance - I appropriated your time and needed some instant information which you supplied with your usual calm manner and a smile.

– Radley, Tina L

Goetsch, Matthew J

Matt- I so appreciate how much you help me! This week it was switching up a name on the login page, but I can always count on you. You are a lovely colleague! Thanks for all you do for Parkside! JZ

– Zabel, Jen

Lee, Julie M

Julie, thank you for your always present cheerful and positive attitude - it has been my "dose of sunshine" on a few gray mornings.

– Radley, Tina L

Knox, Christine D

Thank you for being so steady in arranging and keeping our match exceptions on track. Your organization and efforts do not go unnoticed!

– Radley, Tina L

Chobanian, Deborah A

Thank you for organizing our recruitment efforts and keeping things moving forward! I can always count on you to get things done! Appreciate you!

– Joncas, Amanda M

McDonald, Cheri A

I appreciate all of the help you have given me when I have called with questions. Thank you and keep on being a rock star!

– Anonymous

Brown, Willie T

Willie, thank you for participating in the Kenosha Boys & Girls Club visit on Saturday, Nov. 20th during the Haribo Invitational. You did a great job connecting with the youth and telling them about the opportunities UW-Parkside has to offer. I am confident you will continue to have a positive impact in your role as a College Navigator for KUSD! Go Rangers!!!!

– McGuckin, Tammy L

Eschmann, Tyler J

Tyler, You are such a great resource, support, guide, sounding board, team member, mentor and the list continues. Thank you for being welcoming to new staff members, pivotal during on-boarding and always open to answering questions. The Parkside community is lucky to have a devoted, motivational and student-centered professional on its team. Thank you for all you do!

– Anonymous

Galaviz, Dalinda

Dalinda, thank you for being the best possible role model for 'pink power' during breast cancer awareness month! Your enthusiasm and excitement for employee engagement activities is nothing short of infectious!

– Joncas, Amanda M

Menarek, Laura K

Laura, thank you for continuously contributing to our process improvement and being our future-thinker on the team. Appreciate you!

– Joncas, Amanda M

Bell, Colette S

Congratulations on having your presentation - "Building MOSAIC: A Peer to Peer Diversity Education Program" - recognized as the Program of the Year at the annual WCPA Conference. The work you, your OMSA colleagues, and MOSAIC Educators do on a daily basis is greatly appreciated!

– McGuckin, Tammy L

Dalton, Carol L

Thank you! Thank you for the amazing student engagement activities that you have facilitated since school started. The student turn out for Roller Skating, the Bonfire, Pumpkin Painting, Flamingo Decorating, and the Involvement Fair (to name just a few) has been fantastic. And your "Rolling Goody Cart" has been a huge success. THANK YOU for all you do to keep our students engaged and happy!!!!!

– McGuckin, Tammy L

Shanahan, Aaron R

Thanks for joining the team and doing a great job for your first week!

– McDonald, Cheri A

Litterer, Monica E

Monica! Thank you so much for the huge help to athletics on your day off at 4 pm on a Friday! I appreciate your willingness to get the job done even when you aren't here. Your responsiveness in this emergency was SO great.

– Zabel, Jennifer L

Gutierrez, Giovanna

Gia, I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you more at Mexican Fiesta! Your UWP pride is so special, and UWP is lucky to have you!

– Vara, Hillary

Gleason, Laura J

Laura, I really enjoyed getting to know you better and see you kill it with the energy you brought at Mexican Fiesta! Your pride in being a Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution is contagious!

– Vara, Hillary

Young, Joseph W

Joe, I am sending you a paw because I really appreciate you and saw you working hard at Mexican Fiesta all three days. I also thank you for helping me get my materials to participate! I see your passion and love for UWP and it makes my day!

– Vara, Hillary

Mason, Laura A

Laura has been patient and tenacious in getting a vendor bid figured out for the library as part of its remodel finishing touches. Thank you!!

– Stadick, Anna M

McDonald, Cheri A

Thanks for all the help with the insurance forms!

– Emery, Virginia L

Minger, Rita J

Thanks for getting the Pre-approval form turned around so quickly!

– Emery, Virginia L

Dalton, Carol L

Carol is always willing to help out with anything and is such a great campus partner! Her energy is infectious and she is so easy to work with! Thank you, Carol!!

– Draeger, Mary

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