Paws to You is an employee appreciation program designed to offer gratitude to a fellow coworker. Maybe they helped you complete a task or project and it made a large impact on the outcome. You can show them thanks and appreciation by sending them a Paw they are able to display for all to see in their email signature, and a running total of all Paws will be displayed here on the Paws to You website. So what are you waiting for? 

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Paw Recipients

Paw Recipient Reasoning
Barea, Leigh E

I appreciate you!

– Draeger, Mary

Leonard, Tranace K

Hi TJ, I've worked with you for 4+ years and you've always been so patient and fun to talk to. Thank you for being there for me and the other desk workers when we need it. I'm going to miss working with you once you graduate! (congratulations!!)

– Alizabeth, Violet J (lewel001)

Stockman, Hayley A

Hi Hayley! Thank you for being so flexible and willing to help at the front desk. You are so sweet and understanding and I look forward to when more than one person can work up front again!

– Alizabeth, Violet J (lewel001)

Reisenauer, Teri

Teri covered for me during a medical leave I had for 6 weeks. She did an amazing job while she was here. She also did a great job of keeping me in the loop with very helpful emails and information. She left my office better than when I left. Thank you Teri!

– Oakes-Cisler, Michele L

Soens, Patrick M

Pat - Thank you for all the fix ups & repairs you do around Campus - Your attention to detail and the care you put in really shows - UWP is lucky to have someone like you :)

– Langerman, Lisa M

Becker, Craig

Craig - Thank you for all the hard work you do at SAC & around Campus - and an extra big THANKS for helping when we have big items to move from Central Receiving - Much Appreciated!!!! :)

– Langerman, Lisa M

Alizabeth, Violet J

Violet - I just want to Thank you for always being so friendly and helpful when I come over to Ranger Hall - Any time I have questions or need help with deliveries I can always count on you - Everything you do is much appreciated :)

– Langerman, Lisa M

James, Peggy A

What can we say about Peggy James but a great role model for change. Thank you for leading on issues effecting our communities. I enjoy the speakers you provide to our UW Parkside community. They are so "on point". Thank you for your leadership!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Draeger, Mary

Thank you Mary Draeger. I have worked with you for over three years in different committees and now in HR. You are a "go getter". I love your positive and enthusiasm attitude to get things done. I get my energy from you. Everyone, get rid of your energy drink, call Mary she will wake you up. Thank you Mary for being part of our HR Team!!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Patterson, Trina D

Thank you Trina for your leadership in facilitating the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Council. I appreciate your patience and allowing the Council to express their suggestions, concerns, etc. You allow for open dialogue. Thank you for bringing us together. I enjoy working with everyone on the Council! Thank you.

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Joncas, Amanda M

Thanks for always lending a listening ear to me when I need it! I'm so glad you joined the team!

– McDonald, Cheri A

Menke, Scott A

Thank you Scott for your leadership for the Ranger Restart and now Ranger Recovery. You have kept the transition team updated on any changes and what was next to come. You have allowed us to express our concerns, questions and suggestions. Your leadership is appreciated. We have a great transition team. Thank you!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Ford, Deborah L

Thank you for your leadership during this trying time of the Pandemic. You kept us updated at all time and that means a lot to many of us. We truly felt, we were in this together! Thank you Chancellor Ford!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Gleason, Laura J

Laura Gleason has been a great partner of HR. She is responsive when things need to get done. Her work she provides is superb. Thank you for helping me get things updated on our HR website so quick, i.e. our Employee Engagement Calendar for 2021 and Training & Development programs and of course everything else you do. P.S. I do love when you give an alternative recommendation on how we can do it better. Thank You!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Goetsch, Matthew J

Matt Goetsch is a great partner for HR. BP Logix has been one of HR's biggest initiatives. He is why we have had great success in implementing this project with minimal issues. He continues to support and provide excellent customer service to all staff. Thank You!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Gutierrez, Giovanna

As a member of the HSI, Gia Gutierrez is doing a great job of facilitating the HSI initiative. She is positive and has great energy motivating the students. Thank you!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Leonard, Tranace K

Tranace - Thanks for all the help you give at Ranger Hall - Front counter friendly service & whenever I have questions or need help with deliveries I can always count on you - Keep up the great work!

– Langerman, Lisa M

Watkins, Tim A

thanks for taking the time to train me. Your friend Todd

– Johnson, Todd C

Markiewicz, Richard W

Thank you for helping me and my research students with our technology needs!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Johnson, Todd C

Thanks for maintaining our teaching and office spaces!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Fonk, Patrick M

Thanks for looking out for our facilities and dropping off critters I can use in my courses!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Merten, Jacqueline A

Truly the master of microscopes! Thanks for all you do to facilitate my courses!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Shaff, Vincent E

Thanks for all you do to help keep my lab running smoothly!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Aiello, Katy R

Thanks for all your help, especially with short notice/last minute requests!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

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