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Paws to You is an employee appreciation program designed to offer gratitude to a fellow coworker. Maybe they helped you complete a task or project and it made a large impact on the outcome. You can show them thanks and appreciation by sending them a Paw they are able to display for all to see in their email signature, and a running total of all Paws will be displayed here on the Paws to You website. So what are you waiting for? 

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Paw Recipients

Paw Recipient Reasoning
Joncas, Amanda M

Thanks for always lending a listening ear to me when I need it! I'm so glad you joined the team!

– McDonald, Cheri A

Menke, Scott A

Thank you Scott for your leadership for the Ranger Restart and now Ranger Recovery. You have kept the transition team updated on any changes and what was next to come. You have allowed us to express our concerns, questions and suggestions. Your leadership is appreciated. We have a great transition team. Thank you!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Ford, Deborah L

Thank you for your leadership during this trying time of the Pandemic. You kept us updated at all time and that means a lot to many of us. We truly felt, we were in this together! Thank you Chancellor Ford!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Gleason, Laura J

Laura Gleason has been a great partner of HR. She is responsive when things need to get done. Her work she provides is superb. Thank you for helping me get things updated on our HR website so quick, i.e. our Employee Engagement Calendar for 2021 and Training & Development programs and of course everything else you do. P.S. I do love when you give an alternative recommendation on how we can do it better. Thank You!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Goetsch, Matthew J

Matt Goetsch is a great partner for HR. BP Logix has been one of HR's biggest initiatives. He is why we have had great success in implementing this project with minimal issues. He continues to support and provide excellent customer service to all staff. Thank You!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Gutierrez, Giovanna

As a member of the HSI, Gia Gutierrez is doing a great job of facilitating the HSI initiative. She is positive and has great energy motivating the students. Thank you!

– Galaviz, Dalinda

Leonard, Tranace K

Tranace - Thanks for all the help you give at Ranger Hall - Front counter friendly service & whenever I have questions or need help with deliveries I can always count on you - Keep up the great work!

– Langerman, Lisa M

Watkins, Tim A

thanks for taking the time to train me. Your friend Todd

– Johnson, Todd C

Markiewicz, Richard W

Thank you for helping me and my research students with our technology needs!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Johnson, Todd C

Thanks for maintaining our teaching and office spaces!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Fonk, Patrick M

Thanks for looking out for our facilities and dropping off critters I can use in my courses!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Merten, Jacqueline A

Truly the master of microscopes! Thanks for all you do to facilitate my courses!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Shaff, Vincent E

Thanks for all you do to help keep my lab running smoothly!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Aiello, Katy R

Thanks for all your help, especially with short notice/last minute requests!

– Orlofske, Jessica M

Gehring, David E

Dave, a special shoutout goes to you for your hiring practices. You really did change my life all those years ago when you decided to hire me on as a student. I also wanted to use this platform to shine a light on your 30 year anniversary here at Parkside. That is no small feat. Because of you taking chances on kids like me, you have inspired generations of students to seriously consider going into the library field. Cheers to you!

– Antaramian, Liz M

Robbennolt, Rebecca A

Hey Becca! Thanks for always being able to roll with whatever gets thrown our way. I enjoy being able to talk emo bands with you and to hear about adventures on the farm. Say hi to Magnus for me!

– Antaramian, Liz M

Kaye, Dina L

Dina, I truly appreciate your patience as I ask questions about things, especially when it comes to LCSH and FRBR. Also, I enjoy being able to throw acronyms your way without having to explain what they mean! :) I also appreciate you treating me like a colleague. One day I hope to join the ranks of a genuine librarian.

– Antaramian, Liz M

Callas, Jennie

Jennie, thank you for always being up to having open discourse regarding practices in the library field and being able to share with me your thoughts on things. :)

– Antaramian, Liz M

Hrpcek, Jean M

Jean - You are one AWESOME lady - I can always count on you to give a helping hand when needed - Great Attitude - Good Soul - Thanks for everything you do on and off Campus

– Langerman, Lisa M

Lott, Loki D

Loki - Thanks for all you do in Central Receiving - Much Appreciated

– Langerman, Lisa M

Minton, Connie

Connie - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO - You are always there to help your co-workers and keep things running smoothly - I really appreciate all the help you give & everything behind the scenes that you do for UWP

– Langerman, Lisa M

McClure, Laura M

Laura - Just want to say THANK YOU for all you do for UWP - You are so helpful and friendly - I appreciate all the help you give whenever I have questions relating to the Business Department

– Langerman, Lisa M

Beecher, Molly E

Thank you Molly for always going out of your way to help not only me, but anyone who needs assistance. I appreciate you!

– Anonymous

Vang, Xou Le

Xou Le, you are one of a kind. Thank you for your diligent work and vision to help the Library kick off and celebrate APIHM. Also, thank you for letting me be a part of our WAAL team and for giving me guidance as I navigate school. I truly appreciate all that you do.

– Antaramian, Liz M

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