Internship Fair

Students Attend Internship Fair

Published: October 6, 2016
By: Kristin Crowe

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Internship Fair was held Oct. 5. UW-Parkside Employer Relations Coordinator Oliver Johnson recommends internship fairs for both employers and students: "For students, internships help put education to use in a professional setting," Johnson said. "They allow students to apply the concepts and theories they learn while engaging with industry professionals. Intern Fair 1Many students look at internships as a way to confirm their interest in a given field or discipline. Internship also enhance students' career readiness and expand their professional networks, which are valuable in their pursuits through college and after graduation."

Internships are a great way for students to take the knowledge gained in school and apply it in a professional setting. Additionally, they present employers with the opportunity to market themselves and their corporations to college students who are aspiring to gain experience in their field before entering the workforce.

For years, regional and national employers such as CNH Industrial, Northwestern Mutual, and Modine Manufacturing Company have been marketing to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside students at the university's internship fair. The students who attend this fair are generally looking for internship positions that will start during the spring semester or this coming summer, but there will be some interested in filling a position immediately. The students at Parkside have time and again shown a great work ethic along with a dedication to the success of local communities. Intern Fair 2

For employers, internships can be a great way to benefit from a fresh, academic perspective while engaging with emerging leaders of tomorrow. Internships are also a way for you to give back by providing meaningful opportunities for professional development to students who are interested in a particular field. Interns also contribute to an organization's growth not only by sharing the workload and providing new insight, but also by ensuring that future employees know about a great place to work full-time after graduation. When students have good experiences, the positive impact ripples through campus in conversations with peers, with advisors and faculty in classroom discussions and beyond.

Johnson, along with the faculty and staff members of the university encourage both students and employers to take part in internship fairs as well as the other professional opportunities offered at Parkside.

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